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Big Piggy Bonus Slot Game

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Big Piggy Bonus Slot Game
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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of shaking a piggy bank and hearing the sound of coins clattering around in there. The temptation to smash that piggy bank open is strong, and Big Piggy Bonus lets you do just that.

Inspired Gaming’s Big Piggy Bonus has six reels with four rows, and it gives you 50 pay-lines to play on. This machine has sharp graphics, funky music, and one bonus feature that’ll keep the reels spinning for a while.

What makes Big Piggy Bonus slot great?

Big Piggy Bonus has a couple of standout features that give it an edge. These features include:

  • A bonus game with a minimum threshold to beat. This slot’s free-play feature gives you a choice before beginning, and that decision affects the threshold you need to hit before the game ends. You’re guaranteed a return of at least 20x your initial bet.
  • Lots of wilds. During most spins, you can expect to hit at least one or two wilds, with the possibility of landing on a lot more.
  • Gigantic payout potential. With the right amount of luck, you can hit a board full of wilds, netting you 12,500x your initial bet.

How Big Piggy Bonus slot could improve

Although Big Piggy Bonus does a lot of things right, there are some aspects in which it could improve. These include:

  • More bonus features. The game only has one bonus. The bonus is great, but this slot could be a lot better with at least one more.
  • Background animation. The animations on the reels are well-made, but the background of the machine is stagnant. Adding some idle animation would give players more to look at and enjoy.
  • Player involvement. Big Piggy Bonus isn’t immune to the biggest problem plaguing slot machines — a lack of creative gameplay. Most of what you do is click and wait.

Big Piggy Bonus specs

NameBig Piggy Bonus
SoftwareInspired Gaming
Min/Max Bet$0.20 - $20
# of Pay-lines50
Max Payout12,500x
Max Free SpinsUnlimited
Bonus FeaturesFree spins

How to play Big Piggy Bonus slot online

There are several legal online casinos that offer Big Piggy Bonus, including BetRivers and DraftKings. All you have to do is open an account with some funds, find the game on the respective site, and begin playing. Most online casinos have their own features and rewards programs that make them unique, but many offer a no-deposit bonus to let you test the game before putting your own money into it. Online casinos change their bonus offers every year, so be sure to check all of the latest promos before signing up. You can find a few at the links below.

If you just want to play the free slots online version of the game, you can do so on this page. Open the demo, set your bet level using the arrows on the left side, and spin, hoping to match three from the left on any of the 50 pay-lines. Your bets can range from 0.20 credits to 20, and if you run out, refreshing the page or reopening it will give you more.

Bonus and jackpots for Big Piggy Bonus (Rating of 4/5)

Normally, online slot games with only one bonus feature wouldn’t earn a rating of 4/5. The only reason this slot does is because of the quality of its bonus. To start it, all you have to do is land on at least three scattered piggy bank bonuses. You’re then given a choice of which one to smash open and reveal the threshold inside.

Threshold options include 20x, 25x, 30x, 50x, and 100x. The one you earn determines when the free spins end. The reels keep going until you win at least that multiplier of your initial bet in one spin. This means you can earn a lot more than that, but as soon as it happens in one spin, the game ends, and you win all the cash you built up during the bonus.

This rating could improve if one more bonus feature was added to the game.

Big Piggy Bonus graphics and visuals (Rating of 4/5)

The images in Big Piggy Bonus deserve a lot of praise. They’re all crisp and fit the theme of the slot, and even the most common symbol has a unique design, made with minor details and sparkles. The game’s graphics build on the atmosphere created by its money-related theme and regal mansion background.

Big Piggy Bonus doesn’t just have creative graphics. It has triumphant animations that play whenever you hit a winning combination, truly making you feel like you’re succeeding. If there’s anything to criticize about Big Piggy Bonus’s visuals, it’s the lack of animation in the background image. It’s a static image, and adding some movement could improve the player’s experience.

Big Piggy Bonus gameplay (Rating of 4/5)

For the most part, Big Piggy Bonus is an average slot when it comes to gameplay. In almost every slot machine, player involvement is limited to clicking the spin button and waiting. This slot earns additional points in three areas, however.

First, the game’s bonus feature gives you an option of which piggy bank to choose instead of just assigning a value for you. Second, the game’s winning combinations are very clear and spelled out for you. Whenever you win, the losing symbols are darkened, and lines show where you won and how much each line was worth. Finally, the game is optimized for quick play. You can press the space bar over and over again if you want to play as fast as you can.

Overall rating for Big Piggy Bonus by Inspired Gaming (Rating of 4/5)

Taking into account the benefits and drawbacks of this slot, we give it a 4/5 rating. Inspired could improve this rating if it adds a second bonus game, creates background animations, or increases player involvement.

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