Joker 10000 Deluxe Slot Machine

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Joker 10000 Deluxe Slot Machine
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Joker 10000 Deluxe by Bet Digital is the epitome of classic slot design. This machine has everything to scratch that traditional slot machine itch, including modern spins on familiar symbols, limited paylines with big payouts, and a full-on casino setting.

This game plays on a 3×3 board with five paylines. The major theme of this slot is risk — players can wager their winnings for exponential gain, join the supermeter game for long-term big bets, and take a huge chance at a 1,000x payout.

What makes Joker 10000 Deluxe slot great

Although Joker 10000 Deluxe is clearly inspired by traditional slots, it has its own features, giving players a unique experience. Some of its highlights include:

  • Gambling features: Players are given plenty of ways to risk it all, including normal bets, the red or black gamble game, the supermeter, and the supermeter gamble.
  • Scatter wins: Different combinations of jokers appearing on the reels earn you varying mystery rewards.
  • Jackpot payout: The jackpot payout in Joker 10000 Deluxe can be won in several ways, always paying out 1,000x your initial wager.

How Joker 10000 Deluxe slot could improve

There are a couple of ways the experience of this slot could be elevated. These include:

  • Clarity: The jackpot payout of this game is advertised to be 10,000x your bet. However, it’s actually 10,000x your coin value and can only be earned when playing on five lines, so it’s only 1,000x.
  • Gameplay options: This game is missing convenience options to appeal to a wider variety of players, including turbo mode and space bar functionality.
  • Atmosphere: The setting of this game is an amazing idea, but the execution is poor. This slot is an ideal opportunity to add the idle flashing and sound associated with casinos, but Bet Digital missed the mark.

Joker 10000 Deluxe specs

NameJoker 10000 Deluxe
SoftwareBet Digital
RTP%92% - 100%*
Min/Max Bet$0.02 - $50
# of Paylines5
Max Payout10,000x
Max Free SpinsN/A
Bonus FeaturesMystery rewards, black or red gamble, supermeter game, supermater gamble

*RTP% depends on paylines and supermeter usage

How to play Joker 10000 Deluxe slot online

Whether you’re a casual slot player or a professional looking for the thrill of real risk, there’s a version of this game for you. The free demo of the slot is available on this page, and all you have to do once it’s open is select a bet level and amount of paylines. Then, you can play using the autoplay function in the menu or the spin button on the bottom right of the page. You start with $1,000, which can be refilled at any time by refreshing the window. Every time you win, you have three options: you can take the win, gamble it for twice the reward, or put it into the supermeter game, which trades higher risk for higher rewards.

The real money slots version of the game can be found with participating online casino sites, such as FanDuel and Caesars. Each of your options will have exclusive benefits for new members. For example, Caesars has a flexible rewards system and occasional no-deposit offers while FanDuel has weekly cash promos and shared wallet. Casinos may also offer an initial no-deposit option, which allows you to test the waters prior to committing to membership. See more casino bonuses and promos at the links below.

Bonuses and jackpots for Joker 10000 Deluxe (Rating of 5/5)

Joker 10000 Deluxe has plenty of bonus features and a decent jackpot. Most of these features are actually activated by the player.

Red or black gamble

After every win, you can bet all of your winnings on a 50/50 chance to double them. Pick a color (red or black), and if you’re right, you win. If you’re wrong, you lose.

Supermeter game

Instead of collecting or gambling your winnings, you can transfer them to the supermeter game. They’re converted to coins (based on the value you’ve chosen) and added to a meter at the top of the slot. Each of your next bets costs 20 coins until you run out or you choose to collect.

Mystery rewards

Landing on jokers during the supermeter game can give you huge rewards. Two of them will give you a mystery reward between 20 and 10,000 coins. Three of them earns you three mystery rewards. If you hit three in one payline, you automatically win 10,000 coins, or 1,000x your wager.

Supermeter gamble

At any time during the supermeter game, you can wager the remaining value in the gauge. It starts at a 50/50 chance for double the value, but you can raise or lower those chances for comparable rewards.

Joker 10000 Deluxe graphics and visuals (Rating of 3/5)

There are positives and negatives to this game’s graphics. On one hand, the casino setting causes feelings of nostalgia for players. It’s a creative choice for a background. On the other hand, Bet Digital missed huge opportunities with the game’s atmosphere. They didn’t add any idle animation in the background or music typically associated with a crowded casino.

Joker 10000 Deluxe gameplay (Rating of 4/5)

This slot has more involved gameplay than your average machine. You can spin the slots, pick between black and red, start the supermeter game, and spin the wheel for the supermeter gamble. However, some commonly available options in slot machines are missing from this game, including space bar functionality and turbo mode.

Overall rating for Joker 10000 Deluxe by Bet Digital (Rating of 4/5)

Bet Digital’s Joker 10000 Deluxe has a great collection of bonus features, involved and slightly lacking gameplay, and visuals with a fantastic idea but poor execution. This slot earns an above-average rating of 4/5, and we’d raise the score even higher for added gameplay options, animations, and sound effects.

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