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Crazy Money Deluxe Slot Machine

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Crazy Money Deluxe Slot Machine
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Spin Games makes cold, hard cash the theme of this innovative slot game: Crazy Money Deluxe. On the reels are different types of bills, from measly dollars to big Benjamin Franklins. All you have to do is spin and hope the bills match along pay-lines, which can be horizontal or diagonal.

During the game, you’ll notice a giant wheel spinning above the reels. This is filled with special features, ranging from pick bonuses to credits and multipliers. If you’re lucky, you’ll earn one of the lucrative jackpot bonuses.

What makes Crazy Money Deluxe slot great

Crazy Money Deluxe online slots are worth your time thanks to these perks:

  • Huge payout potential: This game has grand jackpots worth up to $100,000.
  • Three wedge awards: Three wedge bonuses are available, including jackpot, pick bonus, and credit wedges.
  • Quick gameplay: If you’re in a rush, you can increase game speed using the turbo spins feature.

How Crazy Money Deluxe slot could improve

Most real money slots games, including Crazy Money Deluxe, aren’t perfect. Here are some areas that need improvement:

  • Low maximum bet: Players can only bet up to $30.
  • Small size: The reels are rather small and hard to see.
  • No progressive jackpot: Only standard jackpot payouts are available.

Crazy Money Deluxe specs

NameCrazy Money Deluxe
SoftwareSpin Games
RTP %0.94
Min / Max Bet$0.60 - $30
# of Pay-lines15
Max Payout100,000x
Bonus FeaturesCredits, multipliers, jackpots, pick bonuses

How to play Crazy Money Deluxe slot online

Crazy Money Deluxe slot machine has five reels, 15 pay-lines, and a special Angle Pays system. Matching dollar bills along pay-lines (which run horizontally and diagonally) will result in a prize. Before playing, take a minute to customize your settings. This includes adjusting your bet (which ranges from $0.60 to $30) and changing the game speed. You can familiarize yourself with these features by playing the free slots version on this page — if credits expire, refresh to get more.

To play for real money, sign up for a real money online casino that offers this game (like BetMGM or DraftKings). Then, you’ll be able to link your payment information and deposit funds. Making an account also grants access to special features, including exclusive games and cash promos. Some features are even accessible without a deposit, which means you can test games first. Look for the latest casino bonus offers at the links below before signing up.

Bonus and jackpots for Crazy Money Deluxe (Rating of 5/5)

If there’s one area in which Crazy Money Deluxe slots thrives, it’s the bonuses. Strewn across all odd reels are wheel scatters; find at least three, and you’ll get to spin the Sky Wheel. This offers a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • Jackpot wedge
  • Bonus wedge
  • Credit wedge

There are four potential jackpots: a mini, minor, major, and grand jackpot. The more you bet, the higher the jackpot values will be — at the maximum bet, the grand jackpot is worth $100,000.

If the bonus wedge is triggered, you’ll spin an inner wheel and receive between 20 and 100 catch bonus picks. Then, you’ll select floating bills, each of which has a mysterious value imprinted upon it (up to 500x your bet).

The last bonus is the credit wedge, which can award up to 6,000 credits. After you receive the credits, you’ll spin a second wheel. This will either apply a multiplier to your credits (between 2x and 5x) or grant a re-spin. Considering the expansive amount of enjoyable bonuses, we had to give this section a 5/5.

Crazy Money Deluxe graphics and visuals (Rating of 3/5)

Crazy Money Deluxe slots is separated into two sections. On the bottom are the reels, which are designed to imitate a printing press. Framed by two red cogs, they’re filled with different types of bills. The top, meanwhile, hosts the spin wheel, which showcases the different bonuses available. This wheel is surrounded by jackpot values (each of which is represented by a historical figure).

Because the game is showcasing several things at once, it’s difficult to appreciate every element. For example, the reels are rather small and forced into the bottom portion of the screen. Thus, we have no choice but to give the graphics an average 3/5.

Crazy Money Deluxe gameplay (Rating of 3/5)

When playing slots, it’s always important to consider user experience. Crazy Money Deluxe slot machine makes gameplay more personal by offering a turbo option, which lets players adjust the speed to their liking. Certain parts of the design are also helpful — for example, jackpot values are clearly displayed for players to see.

On the downside, the Angle Pays system is a bit confusing. The small reel size also doesn’t help clear things up. For these reasons, the gameplay gets a 3/5.

Overall rating for Crazy Money Deluxe by Spin Games (Rating of 3.7/5)

If we had to choose one word to summarize Crazy Money Deluxe online slots, it would be unique. The Angle Pays mechanism is not commonly found in slots, and the bonus features are quite original. Not to mention, the split design is interesting to look at. While the game is definitely one-of-a-kind, it still has some fun features characteristic of slot games (such as high jackpot wins).

On the flip side, there is room for improvement. The design may be unique, but it makes it difficult to decipher the symbols. Furthermore, the gameplay is a bit confusing. After some consideration, we would rank these slots a 3/5.

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