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Deuces Wild Video Poker

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Deuces Wild Video Poker
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Deuces Wild is one of the original variations of video poker. This has been around since bar-top and stand-alone cabinets first appeared in casinos and bars around the country. The idea is simple. Deuces (twos) are wild. They can replace any of the other cards to make poker hands.

You’ll have a single drawing round in this game. To win you need a minimum of 3 of a kind. There are extra payouts that don’t appear in other games. Get four deuces with an ace, 3, 4 or 5 kicker in some variants – and you could win as much as a Royal Flush.

Deuces Wild is now available online in the regulated states. You can find it in live casinos, including in the famous GameKing consoles. This page has everything you need to get started. Below you’ll find how to play, payouts and strategy for this fast-paced game. There is also a look at the new ‘Elite’ version which is found at a handful of real money casinos.

How to play Deuces Wild video poker

Before you start a hand, you need to decide how many coins you’ll bet and whether you’ll play for real money or free. There is an incentive to bet 5 coins per hand. The default minimum coin size for a single hand game in live casinos is 25c – or $1.25 per hand. $1 is common, and bigger bets are available. Online you’ll be able to bet much smaller amounts.

You should reduce your coin size to a level where you are happy to play 5 coins. This gives you the best possible return. The top prizes listed below will assume 5-coin bets.

When you hit the ‘Deal’ button, 5 cards appear. Any Deuces (twos) will have ‘Wild’ written on them. These can replace any other card. They should always be held. Depending on what other cards you have, you’ll hold anywhere between zero up to all 5 of your cards. A message will appear, usually over the top of each card, indicating that it is held.

The strategy for which cards to hold is different from other video poker games. This is covered in the ‘strategy’ section below.

Next, you hit the ’Draw’ button. This instantly replaces any non-held cards with new ones.

Your best poker hand, including the wilds, is then calculated and you are paid if you qualify with 3 of a kind or better.

Payouts: A typical pay table for Deuces Wild Poker

There are two ways to get a Royal Flush in Deuces Wild video poker. You can get this as a ‘natural’, with ten through ace of the same suit. You can also get it with one or more wild deuces. There is a big difference in the pay table between them. Another unusual entry is the 5 of a kind line.

Deuces Wild Pay Table:

  • Royal Flush (no 2’s): 4000
  • 4 Deuces: 1000
  • Royal Flush (with 2’s): 125
  • 5 of a Kind: 75
  • Straight Flush: 50
  • 4 of a Kind: 20
  • Full House: 20
  • Flush: 15
  • Straight: 10
  • 3 of a Kind: 5

Return to player of Deuces Wild

A good pay table like the one listed above gives a big RTP (return to player), this can be around 99.46% with optimal play. While compared to pay tables in other games, these returns seem small – it is significantly easier to create good hands with one or more wilds.

As you will see below, there are alternative pay tables which include much bigger prizes for hands involving multiple deuces. Naturally, these are at the expense of lower prizes for other more regular hands.

Standard video poker games vs. Deuces Wild strategy

In a regular game like Jacks or Better, you’ll hold high cards when they are unpaired (especially suited ones). In Deuces Wild the rank of your cards makes no difference. There is no advantage in holding cards based on their rank alone.

You’ll always hold deuces. You also always hold 3 of a kind (with or without a single deuce). 3 to a Royal Flush and 4 to a straight flush (inside or outside) with a deuce should also be held – along with 4 to either an outside straight or a flush.

If you don’t have a deuce, you are holding made hands (3 of a kind or better), plus the best draws to straights and flushes only.

Deuces Wild Elite

Legal US online casinos, you’ll find a variation called ‘Deuces Wild Elite’. This video poker strategy and game play are the same as the regular game described above. What is different are the payouts awarded for different hands containing 4 deuces.

Here is the pay table for 5 coins:

  • Royal Flush (no 2’s): 4000
  • 4 Deuces + Ace: 2000
  • 4 Deuces: 1000
  • 5 Aces: 400
  • 5 3’s through to 5’s: 200
  • Royal Flush (with a 2): 125
  • 5 6’s through Kings: 100
  • Straight Flush: 45
  • 4 of a Kind: 20
  • Full House: 20
  • Flush: 15
  • Straight: 5
  • 3 of a Kind: 5

Compared to the regular (bar-top style) games of old, Deuces Wild Elite has a polished and modern look. You’ll find the game play fast and smooth and all the information/rules available at the click of a button. The RTP for the Elite version of the game is 99.45% with 5 coins and 97.22% with 1 to 4 coins.

Wrapping up: Will you go crazy for Deuces Wild?

Having four potentially wild cards in every hand makes it easier to create big poker hands in this video poker variant. To balance this, the prizes for those hands are smaller than in other games. Deuces Wild became one of the ‘standards’ for video poker fans thanks to this all-action format.

You can now enjoy this game online as well as in live casinos. Many states including NJ, PA, MI and WV are launching online casinos. This means you’ll be able to gamble online within state lines. Check out the many video poker titles from the comfort of your own home.

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