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Bubble Craps Strategy

Bubble craps machines provide a compelling alternative to playing at a live craps table.

That said, you may need to adjust your strategy when using these online craps machines. Below, we’ll dig into those possible strategic tweaks and fill you in on how to play bubble craps if you’re unfamiliar.

What is bubble craps?

Bubble craps is a nickname for the “Shoot to Win Craps” machines created by the Las Vegas company Azure Gaming.

These machines are available at land-based casinos across the United States. They eliminate the need for live dealers, as everything is automated.

You can take your place at one of the stations dotted around the machine and then tap the screen to place your bets. The shooter presses a red button, and two large dice shake up and down within a large plastic dome before finally coming to a stop.

How to play bubble craps

If you would like to play bubble craps at an online casino, find a “Shoot to Win Craps” machine and take your place at one of the stations. You can then follow these steps:

  • The bet screen features the same layout you would find at a live craps table. Choose your chip size and tap the screen to place your bets. For example, you can hit the “Pass Line” bar to place a pass bet or tap on the “Field” bar to place a field bet.
  • The bubble is on a timer, so you will receive a “No More Bets” message.
  • Each player around the machine gets a chance to shoot. If it is your turn, hit the red “SHOOT!” button.
  • The large red dice in the plastic bubble will begin to vibrate and bounce. After one final jump, the ground will stop vibrating, and the dice will land, providing the result of the roll.
  • Any bets will settle, and if you win, your profits will show in your balance on the screen. If the shooter does not throw the point or a 7, the round will continue.
  • When the round ends, all bets are paid out, and you can start again.

Strategy suggestions for bubble craps vs. live craps

Bubble machines operate at a reasonably fast pace, so you need to lay your chips down quickly on the bet screen before the “No More Bets” message appears.

That might make an Iron Cross craps strategy difficult to execute, as it would fall apart if you do not cover the Field, Place 5, Place 6, and Place 8 bets in time.

The machines also tend to have lower bet limits than live craps tables do, so it is best to avoid aggressive strategies like the Martingale or the Fibonacci if you’re placing 1:1 bets like pass/don’t pass.

Perhaps the best option would be to simply bet on pass/don’t pass or come/don’t come and then place the maximum bet permitted at true odds behind that wager.

Advantages of bubble craps

Bubble craps machines offer a few key advantages over live dealer craps:

  • They tend to have lower bet limits, so they may be better suited to casual players.
  • The machine provides a wealth of information about what the bets entail, how a round unfolds, how to win, and so on, which makes them suitable for beginners.
  • Some players find bubble machines less intimidating than visiting the craps table.
  • All bets will be paid out accurately, with no scope for a dealer error.
  • You can place don’t pass or don’t come bets without upsetting other players.
  • The machine displays a roll history, and it keeps track of how many rolls a shooter has made.
  • You do not need to bet on every round when sitting at a bubble machine, which allows you to play at your own pace.

Disadvantages of bubble craps

However, there are also some significant downsides to consider:

  • You do not have the opportunity to lay down physical chips or roll the dice, which many players miss.
  • The role of the shooter can alternate, so a shooter on a hot streak may be denied the chance to conduct the next roll.
  • The atmosphere at a bubble craps machine is often subdued compared to that of a live craps table, where everyone goes nuts when you win. Players don’t bond in the same way when they are at a bubble machine.
  • The bet limits are often lower than live craps tables, so these machines may not be suitable for high rollers.
  • Azure Gaming, the company that created the “Shoot to Win Craps” machines, filed for bankruptcy protection in 2023, so its future is uncertain.
  • The machines remove the need for live dealers, which you may view as a negative development depending on your position in the debate over robots stealing our jobs vs. solving labor shortages.

Is bubble craps worth it?

It is certainly worth playing at a bubble craps machine if you have never tried it before. The machines are bright, vibrant, and fast-paced, and they provide fair, accurate results.

Many players enjoy the low limits, the ability to sit out rounds, the lack of peer pressure, and the useful information displayed on the screen.

However, lots of players prefer the atmosphere and camaraderie of a live craps table. If you like the idea of chatting with the dealers, bonding with fellow players, and rolling the dice yourself, avoid the bubble craps machines and venture to the live table instead.

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