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Games with the Best and Worst Odds at the Casino

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When you play online casino games, you are more likely to make astute decisions and avoid sucker bets if you understand the odds. This guide breaks down the odds on a variety of popular table games and slots, which casino game has the best odds, and highlights the most attractive betting options at your disposal.

What do we mean by ‘odds’?

The odds available on any bet provide you with two important pieces of information:

  • The payout you will receive if successful
  • The implied probability of the bet succeeding

For example, if a sportsbook offers odds of +800 on a team to win the Super Bowl, that tells you to expect an $800 profit from a $100 bet. It also implies an 11.1% probability of success.

The same is true when you play an online casino game. The odds highlight the likelihood of a particular bet winning, along with the profit you would receive:

  • If you bet on black when playing roulette, you stand to receive a 1:1 payout (+100), which implies a 50% probability of winning.
  • By contrast, an individual number bet pays 35:1 (+3500), which implies a 2.8% chance of success.

As such, a bet on an individual number will produce a larger profit, but the probability of it succeeding is far slimmer than a simple red/black roulette bet.

House edge

You also need to factor in the house edge when determining your chances of winning at a particular casino game.

On a European roulette wheel, the house edge comes from the addition of the zero pocket. There are 18 red pockets, 18 black pockets, and a single green zero pocket, so your chances of success are actually 18 in 37 (not quite 50-50) if you bet on black.

That results in a house edge of 2.7%. Your chances of winning a bet on black are actually 48.65% rather than 50%.

If a casino were offering true odds, it would pay out at 106:100 (+106) on black. However, it needs to earn a profit margin to pay its overheads and operate a viable business.

Players can simply seek out casino games with a low house edge while understanding the odds associated with each potential wager.

The 5 online casino games with the lowest house odds

It is helpful to find online casino games that offer low odds, as it will theoretically boost your chances of success. These are the casino games with the most attractive odds.


Blackjack is renowned for having the lowest house edge of any casino game. There areBlackjack table four potential outcomes when you play a hand:

  • Get paid out at 3:2 if you are dealt a natural blackjack.
  • Receive a 1:1 payout if you get closer to 21 than the dealer or if the dealer goes bust.
  • Lose your bet if you go bust or if the dealer gets closer to 21 than you.
  • Get your money back (push) if it is a tie.

Blackjack is weighted slightly in the dealer’s favor, so these are the probabilities associated with each outcome.

  • The chances of you winning an individual hand of blackjack is 42.22%.
  • The likelihood of the dealer winning is roughly 50.7%.
  • The chance of a push (tie) stands at around 8.48%.

However, you may be dealt a natural blackjack, which produces a higher payout. The chances of being dealt a natural blackjack are roughly 4.8%.

When you take the potential for a 3:2 payout on a natural blackjack into account, the overall Return to Player (RTP) rate on a classic blackjack game is 99.6%. That equates to a house edge of just 0.4%.

However, in order to realize this low odds opportunity, you need to follow the optimal blackjack strategy to benefit from the best odds possible.

Video poker

The house edge on certain video poker games is 0.46%. Therefore, your overall chances offree video poker games success during a theoretical session will be 49.77%, although you may need to make the correct strategic decisions when playing video poker.

That said, the chances of landing each hand vary significantly. For example, these are the probabilities on a standard Jacks or Better game:

  • Royal Flush – 0.003%
  • Straight Flush – 0.01%
  • Four of a kind – 0.02%
  • Full house – 1.11%
  • Flush – 1.11%
  • Straight – 1.13%
  • Three of a kind – 7.42%
  • Two pair – 12.89%
  • Jacks or Better – 21.27%
  • Nothing – 54.77%

A royal flush offers the largest payout, as the chances of you securing one are very slim. At the other end of the scale, you get paid out at just 1:1 for a hand of Jacks or Better, as it has a higher chance of success.


There are lots of different betting options at your disposal when you play craps. Some ofOdds on a craps game them have a very high house edge, such as Any 7 (16.67%).

That is akin to a sportsbook offering -140 on either side of a point spread, which would be very unattractive. It highlights precisely why you should avoid an Any 7 (Big Red) wager.

It pays out at 4:1, which implies a 20% probability of success, but your chances of winning an Any 7 bet are actually 16.66%. That is a significant discrepancy, as the house edge is very high on this bet.

Other craps betting options come with a very low house edge. For example:

  • A don’t pass bet has a house edge of just 1.36%.
  • You can then wager 6x your initial bet amount at “true odds” (with no house edge) behind the existing don’t pass bet on certain craps games.
  • For instance, you could bet $10 at a 1.36% house edge and $60 with zero house edge, resulting in $70 wagered at an overall house edge of just 0.19%.

That would be equivalent to a sportsbook offering -101.4 (1.996) on either side of a spread or total. If it were a sports betting line, you would only need to risk $100.40 to win $100, and it offers a 49.9% overall chance of success.

Certain slots

The house edge on slots can vary wildly from one game to the next. Some slots have a houseOnline Casinos for Real Money edge of more than 6%. That would be unattractive.

However, you will occasionally find a slot with a house edge of just 1%, such as Mega Joker by NetEnt. That is similar to a sports betting site offering -102 on both sides of a bet.

You also need to consider the volatility rate of a particular slot when determining the likelihood of winning each spin. Your chances are closer to 50/50 when you play a low-volatility slot that does not offer large jackpots, whereas your chances of winning a specific spin of the reels will be a lot lower if you play a highly volatile slot that offers the prospect of a huge jackpot.


There are three possible outcomes when you play baccarat:Online Baccarat

  • Banker’s hand wins
  • Player’s hand wins
  • Tie

The probability of the banker’s hand winning is 45.86% (+118 or 2.18). The chances of a tie are 9.52% (+950 or 10.5), and the chances of the player’s hand winning are 44.62% (+124 or 2.24).

If you bet on the banker’s hand or the player’s hand and the result is a tie, your bet will settle as a push, and you will get your money back.

It means that the banker’s hand loses only 44.62% of the time. However, it only pays out at 19:20, whereas a bet on the player’s hand pays out at 1:1, and a tie bet pays out at 8:1.

Despite only paying out at 19:20, the banker’s hand carries the lowest house edge of any baccarat bet (1.06%). That essentially gives you a 49.47% chance of success if you bet on the banker’s hand.

Casino games and bets to avoid

These are some of the bets with the least appealing odds at online casinos. When the math just doesn’t work out anywhere near the player’s favor, it’s best to steer clear. Let’s break it down.

Baccarat – Tie bet

A tie bet pays out at 8:1, which is equivalent to +800. That gives you an 11.1% implied probability of success.

However, the chances of a tie are actually just 9.52%. It means that the fair payout on a tie bet would be 9.5:1 (+950). Yet the house takes a huge edge of 14.46%, so this is a bet to avoid.

Craps – Big 6 or Big 8

The Big 6 and Big 8 are known as sucker bets at the craps table. You are predicting that either a 6 or an 8 will be rolled before a 7, and you will be paid out at 1:1 if successful.

That gives you an implied 50% probability of success, which is equivalent to odds of +100.

However, the chances of a 6 or an 8 being rolled before a 7 are actually 45.5%, so the payout would be 6:5 (+120) if there were no house edge. Yet the house edge on a Big 6 or Big 8 bet is 9.09%.

It is sensible, then, to avoid the Big 6 or Big 8 bets and opt for a Place 6 and Place 8 bet instead. They are identical bets, as they require a 6 or an 8 to be rolled before a 7, but they pay out at 7:6 (+117) if successful.

That means the house edge on a Place 6 and Place 8 bet is just 1.52%, which is far more attractive. Casinos display the Big 6 and Big 8 options more prominently to encourage bets on them, but smart players steer clear of those wagers.

Blackjack – Perfect Pairs

This is a side bet on whether your first two cards will be a pair. These are the payout rates on a standard blackjack game that offers this option:

  • Mixed pair (6:1)
  • Colored pair (12:1)
  • Perfect pair (25:1)

A payout of 25:1 on a perfect pair is equivalent to +2500, which implies a 3.8% probability of success. However, if you play with an eight-deck shoe, the chances of landing a perfect pair are actually 1.687%, so the fair payout should be more like 58.3:1 (+5830).

The chances of receiving a colored pair on an eight-deck shoe are 1.928%, so a fair payout would be around 50.9:1 rather than just 12:1. The probability of receiving a mixed pair would be 3.855%, so the fair payout would be more like 30:1 rather than 6:1.

The chances of not receiving a pair will be 92.53%. As such, this bet has a house edge of around 4.1%, which is far higher than the house edge of just 0.4% on the base game.

Odds highlights at top casinos

These are the highest payout online casinos that offer the sharpest odds on their slots and table games.

BetMGM Casino

BetMGM CasinoBetMGM Casino hosts a range of slots with high RTP rates, which equate to attractive odds. They include Blood Suckers (98% RTP), White Rabbit Megaways (97.72% RTP), and Starmania (97.68% RTP).

You can also play a virtual French roulette game, which features a rule named la partage. It gives you a 50% rebate if the ball lands on the single zero, bringing the house edge down to just 1.35%.

That means the payouts on French roulette are closer to the true odds than those on European and American roulette.

DraftKings Casino

There is a game called Bingo Blackjack at DraftKings Casino with a 99.86% RTP rate. That equates to a house edge of just 0.14%.

Your overall chances of success are 49.93% when you play this game. It is equivalent to odds of -100.3 (1.997) on either side of a point spread, which would require you to risk just $100.30 to win $100.

What’s more, on DraftKings’ two exclusive online craps games, you can wager 6x your bet amount at “true odds,” with zero house edge, behind an existing pass/don’t pass or come/don’t come bet.

Golden Nugget Online Casino

GN CasinoThe Multi-Hand Blackjack Surrender game at Golden Nugget Online Casino has a 99.67% RTP rate, which equates to just a 0.33% house edge. Your chances of success are very close to 50/50 when you play this game, but avoid the surrender bet, which has a higher house edge.

The Jacks or Better video poker game at Golden Nugget Casino has a 0.44% house edge. This online casino also hosts a French roulette game, along with a variety of online slots with high RTP rates.


Sweeptastic Casino logoSweeptastic is the best social casino if you are looking for valuable odds. It hosts French roulette and video poker, which both have sharp odds.

You can also play single-deck blackjack at Sweeptastic. Playing with a single deck reduces the house edge, which in turn improves your odds of success. This volume of player-friendly table games isn’t all that common at social casinos.

You can also play lots of high RTP table games at It hosts a virtual blackjack game from Pragmatic Play with a 0.4% house edge, and you can play live dealer blackjack, too.

Table games are not widely available at social and sweepstakes casinos, and live dealer games are very rare, so stands out in this regard. If you prefer playing slots, there are exclusive games like Blue Samurai, which has an above-average 97.26% RTP rate.

No, the odds and the house edge are separate concepts. You can use the odds on a sports betting line or casino game to determine what the house edge is, so they are related. However, you need to consider the odds on each potential outcome to calculate the overall house edge.

Long odds mean you will earn a large potential payout if successful, but your chances of winning are relatively slim. An example would be an individual number bet on a roulette game, which has odds of 35:1 (+3500).

By contrast, short odds refer to something that is likely to happen but only provides a small potential payout, such as a heavy favorite to win a football game at -800.

No, the odds do not guarantee a win or loss. They simply highlight the probability of success whenever you place a bet. For example, if you bet on a team to win a baseball game at +150, it implies a 40% probability of success, but anything can happen. The same is true when you play a casino game.

All online casino games have odds, but they are rarely presented in that manner. They normally tell you the Return to Player (RTP) rate of a game or a particular betting option, or they highlight the house edge. However, it is easy to calculate the odds on games and bets if you have that information to hand.

You can play games with long odds if you like the idea of potentially winning a large payout from a relatively small bet. However, you need to be prepared for lengthy losing streaks while chasing that big win. If you prefer smaller, steadier wins, games with short odds are more appealing.

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