Jackpot.com Lottery App Review & Promo Code

There’s no longer any need to make a trek to an authorized lottery retailer in person with a new Jackpot.com account. All the lottery games offered in your state are now available around the clock, seven days a week, via Jackpot.com, a fast, easy, safe, and convenient way to play the lottery from your home computer or Apple iOS / Android devices and tablets.

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A longtime fixture in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, and other countries, Jackpot made its U.S. debut in Texas in 2023 and quickly expanded to Ohio. While the app isn’t available in every U.S. state, residents of New York and New Jersey are expected to have access to Jackpot soon.

Once Jackpot expands to your state, the only requirement to open a new account is that you be at least 18 years old and located in the state where you’d like to purchase lottery tickets.

And if you do sign up for an account, you get a $2 credit as a welcome promotion to new account holders, no Jackpot promo code necessary. Below, we will give the details about this welcome bonus and everything else you need to know about Jackpot.com.

Reasons to Choose Jackpot.com Lottery

  • Purchase lottery tickets on the go/from home.
  • $2 welcome bonus for new account holders with no Jackpot.com promo code needed.
  • Even more convenient automatic play feature.
  • Available in TX and OH; coming soon to NY, NJ.

Jackpot.com lottery promo code 2023

Online Lottery AppJackpot.com
Jackpot.com Promo CodeNone needed
Welcome Promo Offer$2 credit to use for a free lottery ticket
Legal StatesTX, OH
Coming Legal StatesNY, NJ
FoundedJanuary 2023
Last UpdatedDecember 2023

Jackpot.com promotions

Jackpot.com’s welcome promo is pretty straightforward.  Jackpot labels it a free lottery ticket, and in essence, it is.  You get a $2 credit upon signup.  Since most lottery games Jackpot supports (such as Powerball and Mega Millions) cost $2 a ticket, this credit gets you one free credit.  You do not need a Jackpot.com promo code to claim this great offer.

Jackpot.com platform

Jackpot.com brings your state’s official lottery (and your winnings) to your phone or computer, making it easy to play the lottery for a chance at a life-changing ticket. In Texas and Ohio, users can play Powerball, Mega Millions, Ohio Lottery Games, Lotto Texas, and Texas Two Step instantly.

To be precise, Jackpot.com is an online lottery ticket-purchasing service. All tickets purchased through the easy-to-navigate Jackpot.com app are official tickets issued by your state’s lottery.

When you purchase lottery tickets from Jackpot.com, an authorized agent will physically visit a lottery retailer and purchase official lottery tickets for you. Jackpot.com will then scan your actual tickets and upload the images to your online account.

Each order is also confirmed by email, including purchase information, and scanned images of your actual tickets. The images are also uploaded to the cloud, where you can access them via your account menu. You can also set up text message alerts to be notified when your ticket wins a lottery prize. Just visit the ‘Notification‘ section of your account menu and check the ‘SMS‘ box.

The Jackpot.com app is available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets. You can use this link to download Jackpot. To purchase lottery tickets on the app, you must be at least 18 years of age and located within the state where you wish to purchase tickets. Jackpot.com uses geolocation software to make sure you’re located within legal state lines.

Jackpot is currently available in Texas and Ohio, and it’s expected to arrive in New York and New Jersey in the near future.

Jackpot.com games

Jackpot will purchase official lottery tickets in your state for you, so you don’t have to visit a retail location. In Texas and Ohio, Jackpot offers these popular state lottery games:

  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball
  • Select state-specific games, such as Texas Two Step

In short, the most popular lottery games in each state will be available for purchase. Or, if you use the Jackpot.com promo code, you can get one ticket for free!

Jackpot.com payment methods

Again, with the Jackpot.com welcome promo code, you can try out the site for free. However, when you are ready, Jackpot makes it easy to fund your account and play your favorite lottery games.

Jackpot doesn’t charge you any fees to purchase your tickets or take a percentage of your winnings, but Jackpot does charge a 15% convenience fee on the funds you deposit.

Jackpot allows deposits of up to $150 per day. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Log into your Jackpot.com account.
  • Either click the ‘My Balance‘ icon in the top right-hand corner of the home page or click the ‘Account Dashboard‘ button.
  • In the dashboard or ‘My Balance’ window, tap the ‘Deposit‘ button.
  • Select an authorized banking option, and enter the amount you’d like to deposit.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the form with your details.
  • Finally, click the ‘Deposit’ button to complete the transaction.

Here are the banking methods available on Jackpot. Note that all options may not be available in all states. For one thing, Texas laws prohibit the use of credit cards for lottery purchases.

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover (Debit card only)
  • VIP Preferred (ACH eCheck)
  • Skrill (eWallet)
  • PayPal (eWallet – available soon)

Purchasing a lottery ticket through Jackpot is just the same as buying a ticket from an authorized retailer, only a lot easier. Just select the game you’d like to play, pick your numbers (or Jackpot can generate them for you with the Quick Pick option), and then pay for your tickets with your deposited cash.

To get started, just click the ‘Cart‘ button, then follow the online prompts. Once you’ve paid for them, images of your scanned tickets will be emailed to you and uploaded to your account. You can view your tickets under the ‘My Tickets‘ button.

Note that you may be asked to provide a copy of your passport, identity card, driver’s license, or other government-issued identification to verify your identity. In addition, you also may need to upload a copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement to verify your address.

Claiming prizes at Jackpot.com

Jackpot will distribute your prize winnings in one of three ways, depending on the amount won:

  • Less than $600: Winnings are deposited directly into your account within 72 hours. Once your funds arrive in your Jackpot account, you can either withdraw them or use them to play more lottery games.
  • Over $600: Jackpot will deliver larger amounts to you via either an official check mailed to your home address, or you will be required to pick up your winning lottery check in person at Jackpot’s processing location in your state.

If your winnings are deposited directly into your account, you can withdraw all or part of your balance to any banking method you’ve previously used to make a deposit. Withdrawal requests must be at least $10, up to a maximum of $1,000 per day.

All withdrawal requests are required to undergo a Jackpot internal review first—a fraud prevention measure in accordance with state law—before being released to your bank. Once Jackpot sends your withdrawal request to your financial institution, it may take up to three additional business days to appear in your banking account.

Jackpot.com support

Jackpot doesn’t offer a lot of options for patrons who are looking for assistance, but the app is so easy and simple to use, patrons aren’t likely to need much assistance.

If you do have questions, Jackpot has a very basic, limited FAQ section. If that doesn’t help you find any answers to your questions, Jackpot’s Customer Experience Agents can be reached by email only ([email protected]). There is no direct phone or live chat service.

To see the FAQ and use the online email form to reach out to Jackpot player support, scroll down to the page footer and click the ‘Contact Us‘ link to open a new window.

Jackpot states that it strives to respond to all email inquiries as quickly as possible. Reps will generally return emails within 24 hours.

Jackpot.com overview

Jackpot is a simple, easy, and safe way to participate in your state’s official lottery games.

Whether you’d like to purchase a lottery ticket on the go or from the comfort of your own home, Jackpot.com eliminates the need to stand in line at an authorized state lottery retailer.

Jackpot stores your actual, physical tickets in its secure vault, so there’s no need to worry about losing or misplacing a winning ticket or accidentally destroying your winning ticket with a spilled drink.

Your tickets are scanned, and the images are emailed to you. In addition, you can access the photo scans at any time from your Jackpot account menu. You can also set up your Jackpot account to text you if one of your tickets is a winner.

Led by CEO Akshay K. Khanna and co-founders Roi More and Yariv Ron, Jackpot.com allows verified account holders to purchase official state lottery tickets online via the Jackpot platform.

Owned by Lottomatrix USA LLC and Lottomatrix NY LLC, Jackpot has a long tradition of providing this kind of service in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, and elsewhere.

Jackpot made its United States debut with its Texas launch in January 2023, with Ohio following soon after. Jackpot is expected to become available to New York and New Jersey residents soon.

Jackpot.com FAQs

Jackpot offers new players a $2 credit, which is enough for a free Powerball ticket. Or, players can use the $2 credit to get any other ticket they would like.

Yes. As Jackpot is licensed and regulated by state lottery commissions, the company is obligated to prove strict cybersecurity. Similarly, to be licensed, Jackpot.com has to ensure that all players who win prizes are paid promptly and in full.

Jackpot is owned by Lottomatrix USA LLC and Lottomatrix NY LLC. Led by CEO Akshay K. Khanna, and co-founders, Roi More, and Yariv Ron, Jackpot has a long tradition of providing online lottery tickets in the US and in other countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, and others.

First, create an account on Jackpot. Then, fund it using the method that is best for you. After that, choose the game that you want to play and decide if you want random numbers or your own numbers. That’s it!  Jackpot will take care of the rest.

Yes, and no. While Jackpot doesn’t charge you any fees to purchase your tickets, or take a percentage of your winnings, Jackpot does charge a 15% convenience fee on your deposited funds.

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