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Play The Mega Millions Online In 2024

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No longer is the largest U.S. lottery available only at land-based establishments. In the past decade, Mega Millions has become a multi-platform effort online, with mobile apps and at retail outlets.

As of spring 2023, there are 45 states with Mega Millions. Nine states offer Mega Millions online, and there’s a chance more could add this option in the future. At PlayUSA, our #1 priority is promoting safe and secure online lottery and casino play for our readers, so here’s what our team of experts wants you to know about playing Mega Millions online.

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How do I play Mega Millions online? 

Since its inception in the mid-90s, the Mega Millions lottery has been synonymous with massive jackpots. Simply put, Mega Millions—legal and licensed in 45 states—is one of the world’s two largest lotteries, along with the Powerball.

In Mega Millions, five balls are randomly selected, each with a number, from 1-70, followed by the Mega Ball, which is retrieved from a group of 25. To win the jackpot, a player must match all six numbers. There are nine ways to win in Mega Millions.

But perhaps the most important reason why Mega Millions is so popular is for the variety of play. Most of the nine states with Mega Millions online also offer this game’s staple feature, the Megaplier, which gives players’ non-jackpot winnings a boost for an additional $1 per play.

Players can play Mega Millions online in these nine states: Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The lottery in each of these states receives federal oversight and has encrypted technology to ensure the integrity of the draw.

With more and more states launching U.S. online casinos, it’s no wonder playing Mega Millions online has garnered such popularity. As of April 2023, official state websites have launched mobile applications on iPhone and Android, so players can buy their tickets and make their picks from anywhere they like (within state lines).

And while the vast majority of Mega Millions online players go directly through the states’ government-affiliated website, independent and licensed apps like Jackpocket represent an alternative route. While some apps (LottoAgent and The Lotter included) have longstanding reputations for secure play, beware of untrustworthy off-shore sites that claim affiliation with online state lotteries.

What is a Mega Millions number generator? 

Now more than ever, there are plenty of resources to refine your lottery picks, including apps to track your favorite picks for those who play Mega Millions online. But the most popular tool for U.S. lottery players is the Mega Millions number generator, which allows players unlimited options in making their picks. These number generators are useful for beginners and experts alike.

While playing Mega Millions with number generator picks won’t improve your chances, it will show you the many different ways you can play Mega Millions. Experimenting with combinations is the best way to find your preferences for picking, and many online lottery players find them while running Mega Millions number generators.

Advantages of using Mega Millions number generators 

The Mega Millions number generator may be the most popular lottery number generator, but it’s far from the only one. Powerball number generators give players of all experience levels a more mathematical look at the ways to choose the six-number combination.

SuperLotto Plus, the largest state-run U.S. lottery (California) and Pick 3 & Pick 4 number generators are also available on

Mega Millions number generator

Warning: These lottery tools may not function properly or appear as intended in Internet Explorer. For the best experience, it is recommended you use another browser. Thank you!

Mega Millions ticket prices 

StatePurchase PricePayments Accepted
Georgia$2 per ticketDebit Card - ACH - PayPal
Pennsylvania$2 per ticketDebit Card - Credit Card - Play+ - PayNearMe - WebCash
Virginia$2 per ticketDebit Card - ACH - PayPal
Illinois$2 per ticketDebit Card - Credit Card
Kentucky$2 per ticketDebit Card - Credit Card - iGift/iFunds
Michigan$2 per ticketDebit Card - Credit Card - iGift/iFunds
New Hampshire$2 per ticketDebit Card - ACH - PayPal
North Carolina$2 per ticketDebit Card - Credit Card - ACH
North Dakota$2 per ticketDebit Card - ACH - PayPal

History of Mega Millions in the U.S. 

Perhaps the best-known lottery game in the U.S., Mega Millions began in 1996 with six states contributing. Dubbed “The Big Game,” Mega Millions debuted in Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia on Aug. 31, 1996.

Now, Mega Millions is in nearly every state: 47 U.S. jurisdictions if you include Washington DC and the Virgin Islands. In 2010, Mega Millions joined forces with Powerball, adding 23 states to the lottery and together becoming the premier U.S. lottery games.

In its history, there have been four Mega Millions jackpots over $1 billion, most recently in January 2023 on a ticket sold in Maine.

What are your chances of winning the Mega Millions Lottery?

Statistically speaking, Mega Millions has among the toughest odds of any lottery in the world. Your chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 302,575,350. But those odds come with massive prize potential on the other end: Mega Millions jackpots begin at $40 million and consistently climb into the $100 million range.

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