GGPoker Review & Bonus Code

Bonus:up to $600 Deposit Bonus
Bonus Code:None - Use Links

GGPoker already holds the title of Asia’s biggest poker network. Filled with both recreational and professional poker players, GGPoker is fast becoming one of the largest poker sites in the world. Moreover, GGPoker caters to everyone with big promotions and fun and unique features so that the entertainment never seems to end.

GGPoker is not available in the US at this time.

If you are a poker player in another country, however, you can fulfill your dream of competing with some of the industry’s most well-known poker professionals. GGPoker’s lineup of ambassadors includes Daniel Negreanu, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Bryn Kenney, Felipe Ramos and Kitty Kuo.

By signing up through our links, you get our exclusive and generous GGPoker matched deposit bonus offer along with additional lucrative instant rewards and an opportunity to take part in fun challenges or missions.

What's Great about GGPoker?
  • $100 in bonus tickets with $20 deposit
  • Huge player pool and traffic
  • Play poker using desktop, iOS or Android apps
  • Earn extra rewards via challenges & missions
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GGPoker poker bonus for February 2021

If you are a first-time player to, you can get a $600 match up bonus or $100 in cash and tickets simply by making your first deposit. Here is the breakdown of these exciting offers:

100% up to $600: As a new player, GGPoker is starting you off right by giving you a 100% match, up to $600!

$100 in cash and tickets: If you choose this offer, GGPoker will give you $100 in cash and tickets over the course of 6 days with a minimum deposit of $20!

How to claim your GGPoker welcome bonus

Claiming your welcome bonus is fast and easy with just a few simple steps:

  • Download and install GGPoker.
  • Pick your unique GGPoker player ID.
  • Choose the welcome bonus located in the bonus drop-down section when you are ready to make your first deposit.

GGPoker will release the tickets over the course of six days, and you can check for the challenges within the client.

The minimum deposit amount to redeem the welcome bonus is $20, and if you choose to make a withdrawal before you unlock your entire bonus, you will invalidate any remainder of the bonus that has not been released.

GGPoker Bonus Code 2021

Online Poker RoomGGPoker
Bonus CodeNone - Use Links
Deposit Bonusup to $600
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

GGPoker honeymoon rewards worth $300

Along with your deposit bonus at GGPoker, this online poker room offers a lucrative 30-day honeymoon period where you participate in challenges, missions or even earn instant bonuses. This honeymoon period is worth a grand total of $300. Moreover, when you participate and successfully complete the missions and challenges, you’ll get rewarded with tournament dollars, freeroll tickets or even straight cash in your account.

Select “Start Honeymoon” on the honeymoon page to complete at least one mission per day. Your honeymoon period starts three days after your first successful GGPoker login. If you decide not to participate, these rewards simply expire.

Below, check out the honeymoon itinerary worth $300 along with the corresponding number of missions to be completed.

Successful Missions CompletedRewards
31 Spin & Gold $1 ticket
71 Spin & Gold $5 ticket
15$12.50 tournament dollars
25$110 tournament dollars

Some honeymoon mission examples include:

  • Showing your hole cards after winning a hand in hold ’em.
  • Playing 50 Omaha poker hands in a day.

How to download the GGPoker app

The GGPoker client is available on both desktop and mobile devices for iOS and Android:

How to install the GGPoker desktop app

Simply follow our three quick and simple steps:

  1. Select “Play Poker Now” from the GGPoker main website. This will automatically start the download process, and you will be prompted to choose a location to save the file. When the download finishes, open the downloaded file and the GGPoker setup immediately starts. Choose your preferred language and then hit “Install” to begin this process. Make sure to override any security warnings. Finally, open the application when installation finishes.
  2. Now, click the “Sign Up” option in the poker lobby. Provide all the required information.
  3. Finally, when your account is verified, you can log on to the GGPoker client.

How to install the GGPoker Android app

  • On your Android mobile device, head over to the GGPoker main website.
  • Then, click “Download Now” with the green Android icon.
  • Select “OK” when a window appears with a security message about the GGPoker download. Since GGPoker is a trustworthy source, you can trust the download of the software.
  • Certain Android devices need you to enable “Installation of apps from other sources” on the security settings.

How to install the GGPoker iOs app

  • On your Apple device, head to GGPoker’s main website.
  • Click “Download Now,” which is a red button.
  • A window will pop up stating you need to email [email protected] to get the link for iOS downloads.

How to register for a new account at GGPoker

You need the following information in order to register for a new player account to wager real money at GGPoker:

  • Your full legal name.
  • Your most current address.
  • Your date of birth.
  • A copy of some type of government issued ID like a passport.
  • A current email address or mobile phone number.

Important: there is a strictly enforced age requirement at GGPoker. This requirement differs depending on your country of residence anywhere from 18 to 25 years old. Be sure to double check your geographic location’s age requirement.

GGPoker VIP rewards and cashback program

The Fish Buffet is GGPoker’s level-based rewards and rakeback program. Earn cash prizes along with rakeback up to 100%.

You don’t need to complete any sign-up process, as a newly registered GGPoker player, simply start wagering for real money by playing poker and earn Fish Buffet Points (FPs) for any raked cash game hands or tournament fees. You start at the lowest status, which is Plankton, and move up to other statuses or levels.

At, the Fish Buffet is made up of seven statuses and 24 levels. For every level that you unlock, you can spin a wheel to get different reward options.

If you don’t meet the required FPs during the required time limit, you move down a level, and any accumulated FPs expire. However, you won’t lose it all; you will get 10% cashback of the expiring FPs.

Status, level, required FPs, time limit, prizes and expected rakeback

The Plankton status

  • Level 0: 500 FPs in 24 hours with an expected prize range of $0.50-$1.50 and expected 15% cashback.

The Shrimp status

  • Level 0: 1,000 FPs in 24 hours with an expected prize range of $1-$3 and expected 20% cashback.

The Goldfish status

  • Level Bronze: 1,500 FPs in 24 hours with an expected prize range of $1.50-$6 and expected 22% cashback.
  • Level Silver: Same as above and expected 20% cashback.
  • Level Gold: Same as above and expected 28% cashback.

The Crab status:

  • Level Bronze: 5,000 FPs in 72 hours with an expected prize range of $5-$25 and expected 28% cashback.
  • Level Silver: Same as above and expected 30% cashback.
  • Level Gold: Same as above and expected 32% cashback.

The Octopus status

  • Level Bronze: 15,000 FPs in 72 hours with an expected prize range of $15-$90 and expected 32% cashback.
  • Level Silver: Same as above and expected 33% cashback.
  • Level Gold: Same as above and expected 34% cashback.
  • Level Platinum: Same as above and expected 35% cashback.
  • Level Diamond: Same as above and expected 36% cashback.

The Whale status

  • Level Bronze: 40,000 FPs in 15 days with an expected prize range of $40-$320 and expected 40% cashback.
  • Level Silver: Same as above and expected 41% cashback.
  • Level Gold: Same as above and expected 42% cashback.
  • Level Platinum: Same as above and expected 43% cashback.
  • Level Diamond: Same as above and expected 44% cashback.

The Shark status

  • Level Bronze: 100,000 FPs in 30 days with an expected prize range of $100-$1,000 and expected 45% cashback.
  • Level Silver: Same as above and expected 46% cashback.
  • Level Gold: Same as above and expected 47% cashback.
  • Level Platinum: Same as above and expected 48% cashback.
  • Level Diamond: Same as above and expected 49% cashback.
  • Level Black: Same as above and expected 50% cashback.

Online poker games at GGPoker

Hold ’em and Omaha are the game varieties of choice at GGPoker. This popular online poker operator has chosen to place a heavy emphasis on the two most popular poker variants. Therefore, if you are looking to play some of the less well-known poker games, you should choose another online poker room.

GGPoker stands apart from its competitors with unique features and flashy graphics. For example, when you reach a final table at GGPoker, you get to choose where you are seated based on what your relevant chip stack is, or in cash games you can choose to run your hand all-in three times.

Cash games: hold ’em at GGPoker

Find multiple tables of hold ’em cash games running all day even at low traffic times. GGPoker’s large player pool routinely supports the healthy cash game economy with tables even running at the highest stakes. You can buy in to cash games for as little as $1 or up to $5,000.

  • Stakes range from $0.05/$0.10 up to $25/$50.
  • Tables are six-max only.
  • For cash game hands that are 2.5 big blinds and more, there is a 5% rake.

Cash games: Omaha at GGPoker

Omaha games at GGPoker are very similar to hold ’em games. But keep in mind that Omaha games are slightly less popular compared to hold ’em, so you may not find as wide of a variety and stakes of games running throughout the day.

  • Omaha stakes range from $0.05/$0.10 up to $25/$50.
  • For cash game hands that are 2.5 big blinds and more, there is a 3% rake.

GGPoker multi-table tournaments (MTT)

No surprise here, MTTs are where really shines. Not only is there a multitude of regular tournament offerings, but also weekend guarantees are massive. It is no wonder that many well-known professionals play at GGPoker.

GGPoker Sundays

Sundays at scream money. Just take a look at this impressive list of guarantees and events:

  • An incredible 174 MTTs with an insane $2 million in guarantees.
  • Sunday Flagship, which is called GGMasters, with $500K guaranteed.
  • Buy-ins can start as low as $2 and reach up to $5,000 for high roller events.
  • Different formats include bounty events, turbos, freezeouts and high rollers.
  • Four incredible $5K buy-ins and three $1K buy-ins for high rollers.
  • A massive 300 satellites to try to satellite into any tournament.

T$ Builder

This special tournament type at only pays out in tournament dollars. Thus, this means you can’t cash out these dollars but only use them to enter into other tournaments. Moreover, there is no additional rake or tournament fees. Look for these tournaments every 30 minutes with $1, $2, $4 and $8 buy-ins.

GGPoker high rollers

It is pretty obvious that GGPoker really does hold claim to the highest regularly offered tournament guarantees. These high roller tournaments start from $200 buy-ins up to $5,000. In fact, on Sundays, these tournaments double their guarantees for an even more exciting win!

GGPoker Chinese Zodiac

This unique tournament runs daily with CNY. You can choose to enter in USD, but it will then be automatically converted to CNY. This is an eight-max no limit hold ’em tournament that allows you to win more unique prizes and special avatars.

GGPoker Phoenix Rebuy

This is’s rebuy tournament.

Here is what makes the Phoenix Rebuy so distinctive:

  • Single rebuy right before late registration ends.
  • Double rebuy for three times the starting chip stack only after late registration ends but before the actual rebuy period begins.
  • Double-buy add-on for up to six times the amount of your initial starting chip stack at the end of the rebuy.

Other GGPoker game formats

Choose from these hyper-paced cash games or other types of sit-n-gos (SNG).

All-in or fold

This is a crazy type of a turbo tournament where you start with eight big blinds and pick between either hold ’em or Omaha. In addition, when you enter and the tournament fills, you get a chance at the all-in or fold jackpot. This jackpot pulls 50% from the tournament fee, so it builds up quickly. To win the jackpot, make a straight flush in hold ’em or use both your hole cards in Omaha to make a royal flush.

Spin and gold

Check out these jackpot sit-n-gos. When you enter, spin a wheel that calculates the payout for the winner.

These hyper sit-n-gos are usually just double the prize and require three players to start. Theoretically, the jackpot could hit for up to 12,000 times your buy-in.

  • $1 — with jackpot up to $12,000
  • $5 — with jackpot up to $60,000
  • $20 — with jackpot up to $240,000
  • $50 — with jackpot up to $600,000

Additionally, you can qualify for certain extras like additional rakeback for playing these. These are called “Gold Mine Challenges,” and you win by “mining” gold, which is playing these sit-n-gos.

6+ short deck

For this game, you are missing the 2, 3, 4 and 5 cards. The rest of the game plays just like a regular hold ’em game. However, flushes beat full houses. Additionally, the lowest straight is A-6-7-8-9. Also, when you hit royal or straight flushes, four of a kind or any flush, you hit the short deck jackpot.

Note: You do need to put in a minimum of 15 antes, use both hole cards and have a pocket pair for four of a kind.

Banking options at GGPoker

Banking at GGPoker really depends on what jurisdiction you are located in. Many of the major deposit and withdrawal options are usually available in most places. Moreover, you may even be able to deposit via Bitcoin depending on your country of residence.

To summarize, here are some of the major banking options:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Major credit cards with Visa or Mastercard

The minimum deposit for GGPoker is $10, and while does not charge any fees associated with depositing on its site, certain banking operators do. For example, your credit card merchant may assess foreign transaction fees.

Please note: does charge $1 for any withdrawals, and your account must have been verified before withdrawals are approved. Typically, withdrawal limits are $15,000, but simply contacting customer support usually raises that limit.

Customer service at

You can contact customer service at via a few different methods. Sadly, we would like to see options such as Live Chat or phone hours available but this is not the case. However, contacting support through the options listed below has not been an issue.

  • Email for general questions: [email protected]
  • Email for banking and cashier: [email protected]
  • Discord online GGPoker community.
  • Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There is a live help button located on GGPoker’s main website; however, when you choose that option, it simply directs you to email.

Although it is easy to contact customer service, we had a rather poor experience with customer support. It must be said that the help and FAQ sections are comprehensively written on the website, so it is best to try to resolve your issues there before contacting support.

In our experience, we were asked numerous times to submit documentation for account verification. Despite following the instructions and complying with the requests, we needed to resubmit and follow up several times. Finally, we were asked to provide documentation from other online poker sites that we cashed out there. We felt that was a strange request and almost unprofessional at best.

On the other hand, we still choose to play at GGPoker despite this initial odd experience because we really enjoy the large player pool, large player promotions and big tournament guarantees plus high-roller buy-ins.

Overall GGPoker review

On the whole, we think GGPoker is the most appealing and attractive online poker room despite its shortcomings.

We do have some issues with customer service and also some software issues. Should the software freeze, it causes you to time out along with missing blinds during a poker session. Unfortunately, because the software is frozen, we were unaware. Additionally, many times when you make a final table, the software client crashes before we select our seats.

We have found that an easy workaround is to restart GGPoker every break if playing tournaments. This seems to really help any freezing or crashing issues.

Overall, we recommend playing on GGPoker even with the above-mentioned issues because of the huge player pool, fun features, promotions and huge guarantees in tournaments. Finally, we really like the opportunity to play with some of the poker industry’s biggest names.

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