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Play Free Online Roulette For Fun

This page allows you to play online roulette for free. There is no need to download any software or register an account. You can get started immediately.

Free online roulette games to play for fun

We have sourced the most popular free online roulette games, so choose one of the options below and begin playing for fun.

How to play free online roulette

Learn how to play roulette by enjoying the free games featured on this page. They also allow you to test out a new roulette strategy or put any tips on how to win at roulette into practice.

  1. You will be given a stack of virtual chips, which have no monetary value.
  2. Click to lay some chips on the virtual roulette table.
  3. Click again to spin the wheel and await the results.
  4. Your virtual balance will increase if you win or decrease if you lose.

Popular free online roulette variations

These are the most popular ways players enjoy free roulette online.

An American roulette wheel features 38 pockets: a single zero, a double zero, and the numbers 1-36. It has a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 94.74%.

You can bet on the ball landing on an individual number or a group of numbers. Alternatively, you can place side bets like red/black or odd/even, but the zero and double zero pockets give the house a 5.26% edge.

European roulette is similar to American, but it only has a single zero. That reduces the house edge to 2.7%, resulting in a more attractive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.3%.

You may also find French roulette games at the leading online casinos. It only has a single zero. Plus, two rules—la partage and en prison—cut the house edge to just 1.35%, making it the most appealing option for many roulette players.

Live dealer roulette games allow you to connect with an actual dealer based in a studio. You can chat with the dealer, place your bets and watch as the wheel spins in real time.

The leading online casinos offer European and American roulette games within their live dealer sections. There may also be fun variants like Lightning Roulette, which offers multipliers.

This term refers to playing online roulette for real money. The leading online casinos in states like Michigan and New Jersey allow you to play roulette for free in demo mode, and you can then switch to real money play at any time.

You can win cash profits or incur real losses when you play these games.

Mini roulette is a fast-paced, miniature version of the game. It is played on a wheel that features just 13 pockets: a single zero and the numbers 1-12.

This version allows you to place a bet and roll it out across multiple wheels. For example, you could place a $10 bet on “black” across five wheels spinning simultaneously, resulting in a total wager of $50.

Free roulette odds and payouts

You can choose from a wide range of betting options when playing free roulette online. This chart highlights the most popular bets, the payout rates they provide, and the chances of success.

In the chart below, we focus on European roulette. If you play American roulette (double zero), the odds will be less attractive. Review our roulette odds & payouts page for a full comprehensive chart or different variants.

Roulette BetPayoutChances of Success
Individual number35:12.7%
Split bet (two numbers)17:15.4%
Street (three numbers)11:18.1%
Corner (four numbers)8:110.81%
Neighbors (five numbers)6:113.51%
Column (12-number column on grid)2:132.43%
Dozen (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36)2:132.43%

Most popular sites to play roulette for free

You can also play free online roulette games at certain sweepstakes and social casinos. Such sites allow you to play for fun, or you can aim to redeem cash prizes during promotional play. Better yet, you might be able to get some sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus and get a headstart on those cash prizes without any effort.

These are the best sites for free roulette online.

High 5 Casino 

High 5 Casino hosts four live dealer roulette games from a provider called Vivo Gaming. They include Oracle 360 Roulette, Portomaso Roulette, European Auto Roulette, and Las Vegas Roulette.

You can play these games for entertainment purposes with Gold Coins, or you can use Sweeps Coins, which convert to cash prizes if successfully played through.


Sweeptastic Casino

Sweeptastic is the best social and sweepstakes casino for anyone who wants to play virtual roulette games. There are 12 in total, including American, European, and French.

Additional variants include VIP Roulette, Zoom Roulette, and Lucky Roulette, which has multipliers of up to 500x. offers a broad range of virtual and live dealer roulette games. You can play for fun using Gold Coins or Stake Cash.

It hosts an exclusive European roulette game and a virtual European roulette title from Pragmatic Play. You will also find a few live European roulette games, including Auto Roulette from Beter Live.

Popular free roulette games

Roulette comes in many shapes and forms. The wheel and the ball are the only constants, while the betting rules, payouts and odds may be tweaked depending on the game’s variation. That said, here are some of the most common roulette games you can play online for free:

  • 100/1 Roulette — Instead of the traditional 37 or 38 pockets, 100/1 Roulette features 105 pockets, including numbers from 1 to 100 and five green pockets represented by various shapes. Naturally, this implies the game has a wider variety of bets than all the classic versions.
  • Roulette Advanced — Roulette Advanced is a NetEnt game that follows the rules of the standard European Roulette game, differing only in a few extra functions that optimize it for online play.
  • Blazing 7s Roulette — This is an American Roulette game with an interesting side bet. Namely, the three balls are in play at once, and the Blazing 7s side bet pays if one or more of them land on 7, 17 or 27.
  • Black and Yellow Roulette — There’s nothing unique about this roulette game from the rules and betting standpoint. The only thing different about it is the color scheme, as it uses yellow pockets and betting fields instead of red ones.
  • BetMGM Roulette Pro — BetMGM Roulette Pro is a branded roulette game sponsored and powered by BetMGM Online Casino. It follows the structure of American Roulette and includes all the usual bets on top of neighbor bets ranging from 1 to 5.
  • Roulette First Person — Unlike regular RNG roulette games that usually have a top-down layout, Roulette First Person from Evolution Gaming puts the player in a first-person perspective, similar to what it would look like if you were actually sitting at a table. Otherwise, the game’s rules and objectives are identical to any other roulette game.
  • European Roulette Pro — This is another classic European Roulette game. What’s “Pro” about it is the fact that it has a neatly designed layout and a few detailed features like the History tab, hot and cold numbers and statistics.
  • Lightning Roulette — Lightning Roulette is a live roulette game from Evolution Gaming. What makes it special are the lucky numbers. Each round, between one and five of them are drawn. If you wager on those and win, you’ll get a much higher payout.
  • Double Bonus Spin Roulette — This online roulette game from IGT features 39 pockets: a single zero, a double zero, the numbers 1-36, and a bonus space. The bonus space is twice as wide as the other spaces, giving it a greater chance of success than the other pockets. If the ball lands on the bonus pocket, the game transforms. A new wheel emerges with two concentric reels, and you receive a free spin with the chance to win up to 1,200x your bet amount. The house edge is just 1.94% on this game when you take the bonus features into consideration.
  • DraftKings Touchdown Roulette — Touchdown Roulette is a very innovative football-themed roulette game found in DraftKings Casino. It features a side bet that includes a mini-football game that triggers once the ball lands in the 0 or 00 pockets. The players then bet on a red or black team. The score of the game is determined by the subsequent four spins.
  • DraftKings Roulette March Mania — This is another themed DraftKings game, only this time, it is inspired by March Madness.

Free Online Roulette vs. Real Money Roulette

Free Online RouletteReal Money Roulette
Allows you to play for fun without risking any of your own money.Gives you the opportunity to win cash on each spin of the wheel.
Beginners can learn how roulette works before playing for real money.You can also lose money, so it is important to gamble responsibly.
Gives you the chance to test out strategies and systems, such as the Martingale, D’Alembert, and Paroli.There are more options available when you play real money games, including a greater variety of virtual and live dealer titles.
Available in every state.Only available in Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

No. You can play free roulette games on our on your desktop or mobile browser.

At we do not require you to sign up or create an account to play our free roulette games.  However, this varies from one casino site to another. Some casinos require you to have an account with them before giving you access to their free roulette games. Others let you play their casino games even as a guest.

Apart from the monetary aspect, both free and real modes of roulette games work similarly.

No, you can’t. However, there are ways to play roulette for real money without depositing first, like using the casino’s no deposit bonus.

Free roulette games we offer on are the same games used at some real money online casinos.

The best way to play live dealer roulette for free is playing with High 5 Casino.  High 5 Casino offers 4 live dealer games: European Auto Roulette, Oracle 360 Roulette, Portomaso Roulette, and Las Vegas Roulette.

It is generally accepted that BetMGM is the best place for online roulette simply because it has the most games and the most popular roulette variants.

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