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How the Andrucci System Works for Roulette Players

The Andrucci System is a high-risk strategy that draws inspiration from chaos theory. Some roulette players use this system to decide which individual numbers to bet on.

Below, we’ll explain how the Andrucci system works and break down the key pros and cons of this approach.

What is the Andrucci System?

The Andrucci System aims to identify specific numbers that are likely to pay off when you play roulette. The idea is to play at least 30 spins and make a note of the results. Select a number that appeared the most frequently during that time and then bet on it. It’s as simple as that.

Because of its simplicity, it works on any type of roulette you may play or find. Whether you’re playing live in a casino, online with a real money online casino, online with live dealer roulette, or playing through a free online roulette app.

How does the Andrucci Roulette System work?

You start by playing between 30 and 40 spins. During this time, place relatively small bets on options that pay 1:1, such as red/black, high/low, or odd/even.

Make a note of the results and identify which numbers hit most often during that time. Choose one and then repeatedly bet on it.

The goal is to capitalize upon so-called “hot” numbers. All that said, the logic is clearly flawed, as the wheel does not remember previous results.


Let’s say you place 36 bets on red. During this time, the ball lands on 24 more often than any other number. The Andrucci strategy for roulette would then encourage you to bet on the ball landing on 24 again.

You will be paid out at 35:1 if the ball lands on 24. However, the chances of it doing so are 1 in 37 if you play single zero roulette (1 in 38 on double zero roulette), so the house has an edge.

From here, the system says to keep betting on 24. You will then simply need to hope that the ball lands on that number at some point during the next 35 spins.

If it does, you will earn a profit. However, you can quickly rack up heavy losses if the ball does not land on 24.

How is the Andrucci System different from alternative roulette strategies?

Most roulette strategies apply only to even money bets: red/black, high/low, and odd/even. They are designed to add structure to your session, and they either seek to chase losses or capitalize upon winning streaks.

The Andrucci roulette system is different, as it does not offer any mathematical rigor and focuses on single-number bets.

It attempts to use past data to make predictions about future outcomes despite those future outcomes being totally random and unpredictable. Real money roulette is powered by random number generators, and analysis of previous results cannot change the inherent randomness of the technology.

Advantages of the Andrucci System

  • It appeals to players seeking a high-risk, high-reward approach.
  • You may find it preferable to choosing a number at random.
  • If it works, you can earn a large short-term profit, as single-number bets pay 35:1, although success is by no means guaranteed.
  • The system is easy to implement.

Disadvantages of the Andrucci System

  • This is a very risky approach, and you can quickly lose a lot of money if the ball does not land on your chosen number for a prolonged spell.
  • There is no way to predict which number the ball will land on, regardless of how many previous spins you analyze, so the concept is fundamentally flawed.
  • It is time-consuming, as you need to play at least 30 spins before deciding which individual number to bet on.

Other roulette betting systems

The Andrucci is not the only way to manage your roulette betting. There are a host of betting systems out there – each with its own merits and drawbacks. Some of the more popular systems include:

Yes, you are likely to endure lengthy losing streaks before the ball lands on your chosen number.

No, the Andrucci System does not guarantee a win. It is a flawed concept, as it attempts to use past results to predict future results on a roulette wheel despite each spin being totally random.

Yes, but proceed with caution. The system is a variation on the gambler’s fallacy, as it posits that past results influence future outcomes. In reality, all future results are 100% random in roulette (and all other games of chance).

You can certainly test out the Andrucci without risking your own money. We offer a free roulette game, which you can play for fun with free and valueless virtual credits. Many online casinos allow you to play roulette for free, too, before switching to real money casino games at any time.

Honestly, no. The system is founded on a flawed concept and can rapidly wipe out your bankroll.

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