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Forest Dragons Slot Game

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Forest Dragons Slot Game
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Slot developer Power Xtreme invites players on a magical adventure to Ancient China with Forest Dragons. While the right side of the screen features a realistic forest background, the reels and left side feature high-fantasy dragon symbols and animations. It certainly makes a great impression, which only grows as you start playing and see some of the game’s quirks. Enlarged central reels can grow until you have more than 4,600 paylines, and they’ll stay that way until you earn the powerful free spins. Dive into the game and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Forest Dragons specs

NameForest Dragons
SoftwarePower Xtreme
Min / Max Bet$0.88 - $52.80
# of Paylines576 - 4608
Max Payout227.27x-2,272.72x
Max Free Spins128
Bonus FeaturesFree spins, expanding reels, jackpots
ThemeAncient China, fantasy

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What makes Forest Dragons slot great

This slot features some excellent gameplay elements that distinguish it from the competition.

  • Excellent use of the ways to win format: All left-right and right-left lines working as paylines combine with reel expansion to produce up to 4,608 ways to win.
  • Impressive possibilities for free spins: Win up to 128 free spins in a single spin.
  • Enduring game upgrades: Your expanded reels remain in place until you trigger free spins, which is a rewarding way to handle the feature.

How Forest Dragons slot could improve

The main shortcoming of Forest Dragons is that it has a rough, unpolished feeling to it. Here are our suggestions:

  • Clean up the interface: A redundant, inconvenient two-button scheme with unusual figures for controlling your bet breaks the flow of gameplay.
  • Improve the CGI: While the visuals largely look quite good, the two CGI dragons are an out-of-place eyesore.
  • Clarify bonus features: The in-game explanation of how the features work is somewhat lacking.

How to play Forest Dragons slot online

Forest Dragons starts out with two reels of three symbols flanking three reels of four, which is an unusual reel layout. The three central reels can grow to potentially doubling in size, which can give you almost nine times as many paylines as you start out with. All like combinations of three or more symbols can create wins either left to right or right to left. The way you set your bet is by choosing a bet value and then choosing a coin value.

You can try it for free on this page and top up by hitting refresh on your browser or play for real money on sites like Golden Nugget or Stars Casino. If you decide to play real money slots, make sure to look up all of the available casino deposit bonuses before you sign up. Free slots are also an option. The links below all have the latest bonus info listed on the page.

Bonus and jackpots for Forest Dragons (Rating of 4/5)

There are three essential bonus features in Forest Dragons, which are reel expansion, free games, and the mystery jackpot. After any spin, you can potentially trigger a mystery jackpot and win a variable reward. The smaller mystery jackpot is 200x your coin value, while the larger one is worth 1,200x your coin value. This is a relatively secondary feature, though, compared to the other two. They both rely on the scatter symbol, but each interacts with it in different ways.

Scatter bonuses

When one or more scatters fall on reels two and three, the three central reels can expand up to a maximum of eight. This radically increases the ways to win, and this upgrade can stay in place potentially without limit. You only lose this bonus once you achieve an even better one, the free spins.

The method for calculating free spins is a bit complex, as you start out with eight from landing a scatter on reels two, three, and four each. From there, the total number of scatters on the reels multiplies your award up to a maximum of 128 in a single spin. To top it off, you can retrigger free games during the bonus and potentially play with hundreds of spins. Once the games end, your reels shrink back to their original size.

Forest Dragons graphics and visuals (Rating of 2/5)

Visually, this slot is a mixed bag. Where the developers relied on 2D design and images for backgrounds and symbols, it’s beautiful. The dark forest above the reels has a haunting, atmospheric quality to it, and the 2D symbols look quite nice. However, there’s an overuse of dated-looking CGI with a cheap, low-res look to it that you might mistakenly assume is from the 90s. In particular, there are two giant CGI dragons that dominate the left side of the screen while constantly drawing your attention as they follow a looping movement animation.

Forest Dragons gameplay (Rating of 3/5)

Forest Dragons goes awry with its base gameplay in a few ways, such as using two redundant buttons to control your bet. While this is always a bit awkward, it’s much worse in this case as the numbers aren’t convenient to multiply and only one of them increases the jackpots. It’s inconvenient to figure out the optimal bet amount for the way you intend to play the game, and the optimal RTP is marginally substandard at 95.92%. Once you get into playing, though, the high number of paylines helps keep gameplay clear and smooth.

Overall rating for Forest Dragons by Power Xtreme (Rating of 3/5)

While the gameplay design of Forest Dragons is excellent, it seems somewhat rushed. With simple improvements such as a better interface and improved visuals, the game could easily earn higher scores. As is, the strengths and shortcomings of the game just about balance each other out, and Forest Dragons earns a 3/5.

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