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Big Thunder Slot Machine

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Big Thunder Slot Machine
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Mighty gorillas, hanging snakes, and serene waterfalls fill the reels of the Big Thunder slot by Ainsworth slots. This machine uses five reels with three rows each, allowing you to play up to 30 pay-lines.

During play, you can enjoy a traditional slot machine experience, crisp graphics, and a couple of bonus features to spice up the average gameplay of a slot. You can also expect thematic music and sound effects that don’t overwhelm the rest of the game.

What makes Big Thunder slot great

Big Thunder has a few notable features that improve player experience. Some of the best aspects include:

  • Free plays: With the game’s bonus play feature, you can earn a minimum of 15 free plays and the potential to earn many more.
  • Frequent jackpots: Hitting one of the jackpots in the game is easy — all you have to do is match five symbols from left to right and land on the King Strike symbol in the sixth reel.
  • Huge payout potential: Landing on five scatters during the bonus game and a five times multiplier can earn 500x your initial bet for just one of your 15 free spins. It’ll also give you five additional plays.

How Big Thunder slot could improve

Like all slot machines, Big Thunder has its share of positives and negatives. Some areas this slot could improve include:

  • Animations: Big Thunder’s graphics are very good, but its animations leave a lot to be desired. The reels spin disjointedly, jarring the player, and the animation that plays with a jackpot is just as odd. The animations are unpleasant and distract from the machine itself.
  • Optimization: The controls often feel janky. Clicking doesn’t always work, and payout screens won’t go away. Even the simple act of setting your bet doesn’t work as smoothly as it could.

Big Thunder specs

NameBig Thunder
Min/Max Bet$0.30 - $3,000
# of Pay-lines30
Max Payout500x
Max Free SpinsLimitless
Bonus FeaturesFree spins, jackpots

How to play Big Thunder slot online

There are two versions of Big Thunder available for play online — free and paid. If you want to play the free online slots demo, all you have to do is open the game on this page, set your bet level using the slider in the settings, and start spinning, hoping for three in a row in one of the 30 pay-lines. You might run out of credits, but you can always refresh the page to get 500 more. Bets range from a minimum of 0.3 credits to a maximum of 3,000.

To play the paid version of Big Thunder, you have to play the game at a legal online casino, such as Mohegan Sun or FanDuel Casino. Make an account with your preferred choice, load some funds into your account, and begin playing. Many online casinos even let you use a no deposit bonus code to test the game prior to committing. Every major online casino for real money offers some type of deposit bonus. Check the links below for more info on the latest bonuses being offered.

Bonus and jackpots for Big Thunder (Rating of 4/5)

Big Thunder has two bonus features. The first, free plays, is automatically activated when you land on three or more Big Thunder scatters. You’re given 15 free plays on a new reel. In this new reel, not every spot has symbols, but you don’t have to match symbols from left to right to win. They can appear anywhere in the pay-lines. You also earn access to a sixth reel that can have Big Thunder scatters, three times multipliers, or five times multipliers. Landing on three more scatters during the game gives you five more bonus spins.

The second bonus feature is the game’s four jackpots. To earn them, all you have to do is match five symbols from left to right, including wilds, and land on a King Strike symbol in the last space. Based on what symbols you matched, you automatically earn one of the jackpots listed at the top of the screen: mini, minor, maxi, or major.

Big Thunder graphics and visuals (Rating of 2/5)

Big Thunder has decent graphics. They fit the theme of the game well, and they’re creative, but they’re not consistently crisp. The background could also be improved.

The true weak point in Big Thunder’s visuals, however, is its animations. All of them, from idle blinking lights in the jackpots to spinning reels, are choppy. They don’t flow with the game, and they negatively impact the player’s immersion.

Big Thunder gameplay (Rating of 2/5)

Big Thunder’s gameplay suffers from the same flaw that most casino slots do — it’s limited to clicking and waiting. There’s nothing else for the player to do except watch. The game loses additional points for lack of gameplay optimization. Sometimes, you’ll click and nothing will happen. Other times, screens will pop up, and clicking won’t get rid of them.

Overall rating for Big Thunder by Ainsworth (Rating of 2.5/5)

Given Big Thunder’s flaws and positives, we give it a rating of 2.5/5. It does some things right, such as its free plays and its potential for player satisfaction, but it does many things wrong too. The game’s score can easily improve if controls are optimized, animations are overhauled, and another bonus feature is added.

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