Cash Machine Slot Game

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Cash Machine Slot Game
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The tagline for Everi Interactive’s Cash Machine slot perfectly exemplifies this game in a nutshell — “Win what you see.” The slot is as simple and as straightforward as you can make it.

This game has three reels and one row, so it only has one pay-line. When you start spinning the reels, you’ll see that it’s not filled with symbols and shapes like most slots. The reels are filled with numbers, and whatever number you land on is what you win. Cash Machine has simple gameplay, decent visuals, and a couple bonuses designed to give you a second chance.

What makes Cash Machine slot great

Everi Interactive’s Cash Machine is far from a complex slot machine, but that doesn’t mean it lacks good features. Some of its best include:

  • Simplicity: A lot of modern slots thrive off of complexity, making use of tons of special symbols and complicated bonus features that make you feel like you’re playing multiple games. However, Cash Machine is simple, and even the newest slot player can understand how to play it.
  • Second chances: Cash Machine has two features that trigger only to give you a second chance, whether it be an opportunity to win something new or to win bigger than you already did.
  • Graphics: This slot’s visuals are just as simple as its design, but that’s not a negative. The green lines connect in a complicated and detailed way that creates pleasing patterns.

How Cash Machine slot could improve

You’ll find a couple of areas Cash Machine could improve on to appeal to a wider range of players, including:

  • Complexity: The simplicity of Cash Machine makes it just as much of a drawback as it is a positive. There’s not a lot to it, so players could lose interest.
  • Bonus features: The game’s bonuses are quick and designed only to give you a second chance at winning. They don’t feel like events that will change the game.

Cash Machine specs

NameCash Machine
SoftwareEveri Interactive
Min/Max Bet$1 - $100
# of Pay-lines1
Max Payout1,050x
Max Free SpinsN/A
Bonus featuresRed respin, zero respin

How to play Cash Machine slot online

You can play Cash Machine on this page without downloads, accounts, or money. All you have to do is set the game’s bet level and denomination and start spinning. The minimum bet is one credit and the maximum is 100. If you bet more, then more reels are available to you, increasing the maximum amount you can win. If you run out of the 1,000 credits you start with, all you have to do is close the page and reopen it to get more.

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Bonuses and jackpots for Cash Machine (Rating of 2/5)

Cash Machine has two bonus features. The first, red respin, activates randomly after you hit a winning combination. It’ll respin any reels that have zeros on them to give you a chance at winning more than you already did. If the respun reels hit zeros again, you still earn the original winnings.

The second feature, zero respin, respins all reels that don’t have zeros on them if you only land on zeros and losses. This is to give you another chance at winning, instead of taking home nothing. If any of the respun reels land on a non-zero number, you win. If one lands on a zero and the other lands on a loss, that last reel is respun again. The game ends if both reels land on losses.

This section earns a low rating because neither of its bonus features adds anything to the game. They’re second chances, not features that players look forward to triggering.

Cash Machine graphics and visuals (Rating of 3/5)

The visuals in Cash Machine follow the theme of the rest of the game: simplicity. There aren’t many animations to describe, but the game’s static appearance is stellar. The green lines used to create the decoration interconnect and form interesting patterns, giving players a lot to look at even without animation.

Cash Machine gameplay (Rating of 2/5)

Cash Machine shares a flaw with many slot machines — the gameplay is limited to one button and becomes stale. Cash Machine has an option to speed up gameplay for those who want to play quickly, but it doesn’t work very well. The game does show you where you’ve won and how much, but it’s possible to comprehend this without the assistance.

Overall rating for Cash Machine by Everi Interactive (Rating of 2.5/5)

This basic slot may be straightforward, but it has some perks. For a newer player or someone who thrives off of the simplicity this game offers, it may rank higher. We give it a 2.5/5, but there’s not much that can be done to improve this slot without changing it significantly.

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