Double Fancy 7’s Slot Machine

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Double Fancy 7’s Slot Machine
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While Double Fancy 7’s slot is very similar to Double Diamonds, it’s no simple clone. This Design Works Gaming slot makes key changes that considerably ratchet up the volatility and RTP, which many players are sure to appreciate.

While the game still operates on the familiar 3×3 reels and single payline formula, it has several qualities that make it worth playing. Try it out for yourself and see if Double Fancy 7’s is the right game for you.

What makes Double Fancy 7’s slot great

Outstanding RTP, broad appeal, and ease of play are some of the biggest pluses for Double Fancy 7’s.

  • Excellent RTP and max payout: It doesn’t get much better than a theoretical return of 97.06% and a top payout of 1,000x.
  • Vast betting range: Budget players and high rollers alike will appreciate the betting range of $0.20 to $500.
  • Simple but engaging: A single payline, relatively few symbols, and simple bonus features make this slot easy to get into.

How Double Fancy 7’s slot could improve

Improving the art direction and exercising greater originality would make Double Fancy 7’s an even better game.

  • Make the visuals or theme more interesting: The small number of symbols helps volatility and ease of play, but it also contributes to a sense of graphical blandness.
  • Greater originality in bonus features and gameplay: Double Fancy 7’s only makes minor, incremental improvements to older double games and isn’t particularly unique.
  • Increase max jackpot: The 1,000x top payout is reasonable, but it’s also exactly the same as the much-older slot that inspired this game.

Double Fancy 7’s specs

NameDouble Fancy 7's
SoftwareDesign Works Gaming
RTP %0.9706
VolatilityMedium to high
Min / Max Bet$0.20 - $500
# of Paylines1
Max Payout1,000x
Bonus FeaturesDouble win symbols, jackpot

How to play Double Fancy 7’s slot online

If you’ve played 3×3, single-payline online slots before, you’ll most likely know how to play Double Fancy 7’s. All you need to do is choose whether to use autoplay, set your bet across the range of $0.20 to $500, and start spinning. One interesting quality of the game is that it’s possible to land blank spaces in the reels, and any combination of three symbols without blank spaces will award a win of 1x to 2x your bet.

It’s quite simple and easy to get, but you can still use the free demo version on this page to try it out if you’d like. If you run out of credits, refresh the page to top back up and continue free play. If you decide to play Double Fancy 7’s online, we recommend a real-money casino like DraftKings or Caesars. Sometimes they offer no-deposit sign up bonuses that give you free money to play with. Check for casino deposit bonuses before signing up at any casino. The links below provide the latest info.

Bonus and jackpots for Double Fancy 7’s (Rating of 2/5)

This slot has one bonus symbol that works as a multiplier and a jackpot trigger. While the symbol is not a wild, the fact that any three symbols on a line win means it’s still similarly useful. When you land one double 7 symbol in a combination of any three symbols, it doubles the payout. Two of the symbols together in a win will multiply it four times, and three awards a 1,000x jackpot. These bonuses are virtually identical to some older games and are rather underwhelming in a modern slot game.

Double Fancy 7’s graphics and visuals (Rating of 2/5)

All the symbols on display are variations on a 7 or a bar, and while the colors and shape change, it still gets rather repetitive. The main motif of the art is a simple geometric pattern on the background and 7 symbols, and it’s the most eye-catching element of the design because of the muted colors and lack of variety. Overuse of darker shading gives the game something of a dull overall feeling, as well.

Double Fancy 7’s gameplay (Rating of 5/5)

The core gameplay is where Double Fancy 7’s really shines, with ease of play that makes up for other weaknesses of the game. Using a single payline and repeated symbols make it easy to tell when you have a winning combination, and the spins have a pleasant pace. Likewise, the combination of moderate to high volatility and impressive 97.06% RTP makes for a good experience.

Overall rating for Double Fancy 7’s by Design Works Gaming (Rating of 3/5)

While the game doesn’t do as much as it should to be distinct from others, it still has some good qualities that make it worth playing. If you’re still enjoying classic slots with minimal bonus features but wish for higher RTP, then Double Fancy 7’s is the limited modernization you’re looking for. Anyone can dive in and enjoy the game right away, although the simplicity and boring visuals mean it may not hold your attention for long. With such a mixed bag of good and bad qualities, we think that Double Fancy 7’s evens out to a 3/5.

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