I Luv Suits Slot Game

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I Luv Suits Slot Game
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I Luv Suits by SG Digital is a unique slot machine experience. The machine doesn’t have any reels or paylines — it’s a spin on poker adjusted to fit the online slot formula. The whole goal of the game is to draw flushes or groups of the same suit. The bigger the flush, the more you can win.

This slot comes with two bet options on top of the base game. You can choose to make a flush rush or a super flush rush bet, with the former paying out for flushes and the latter rewarding you for straight flushes.

What makes I Luv Suits slot great

This game is a completely different experience than your typical slot machine. It has several aspects to it that deliver an entertaining and rare game. Its best features include:

  • Creativity: I Luv Suits is far from the traditional slot machine formula. You’re not just spinning reels and hoping for a win. The decisions you make matter and change the game’s outcome.
  • Bet options: There are three different types of bets: regular play, flush rush, and super flush rush.
  • Easy to understand: All of the game’s rules and payouts are on the screen at all times. Wins are clearly highlighted, and your winnings are spelled out for you.

How I Luv Suits slot could improve

In spite of the ingenuity evident in this slot, there are areas that could use work. Some of the weakest aspects of I Luv Suits include:

  • Play speed: The base play speed of this game is very slow. There are no options to make it faster, either.
  • Low payout potential: The maximum payout of this slot is tiny when compared to others. You can only win up to approximately 350x your initial wager.

I Luv Suits specs

NameI Luv Suits
SoftwareSG Digital
RTP%98.41%, 92.47%, 86.89%*
Min/Max Bet$0.10 - $510
# of PaylinesN/A
Max Payout355x
Max Free SpinsN/A
Bonus FeaturesFlush rush, super flush rush

*Percentages for regular play, flush rush, and super flush rush, respectively

How to play I Luv Suits slot online

This slot can be played for free on this page or for real money with several online casinos, including BetMGM Casino and DraftKings Casino. BetMGM provides regular players with weekly and monthly cash promos and a live dealer for some games. DraftKings has exclusive real money slots and blackjack tables as well as a shared wallet.

I Luv Suits is a lot more involved than the average slot machine. First, you have to choose an ante level between $0.10 and $100. Then, decide if you want to make a side wager on the flush rush or super flush rush. When you’ve done that, the cards will deal. You can then fold and sacrifice your ante or make a second bet. The second bet can be between 1x and 3x your initial ante, but the cap is decided by how many cards make up the flush in your hand. Your win is then calculated in four different ways:

  • Ante: If your hand is better than the dealer’s, you win double your ante.
  • Play bet: If the dealer has a qualifying hand — a three card flush with a minimum high card of nine — and your hand beats theirs, you win 2x your play bet.
  • Flush rush: Your flush rush side wager pays out if you have a flush with a minimum of four cards, regardless of whether your hand beats the dealer’s. Depending on the size of the flush, you can win between 2x and 300x your bet.
  • Super flush rush: Super flush rush pays out with straight flushes, or flushes that are made of sequential numbers. You can win between 7x and 8,000x your super flush rush bet.

Bonuses and jackpots for I Luv Suits (Rating of 2/5)

The bonuses for this game (flush rush and super flush rush) provide another layer to game play, but they don’t feel as rewarding as the randomly triggered bonus events of typical slots. They feel the same as just making a larger bet. As for this slot’s jackpot, there’s a lot of room for improvement. The maximum payout is 355x your total wager, which is far lower than your average game. This maximum is actually lowered if you make the maximum bet, resulting in a payout of 217x.

I Luv Suits graphics and visuals (Rating of 5/5)

The visuals of this slot work perfectly for what the game is. It’s a well-made poker table, complete with sets of chips and preset places for your cards. If you look closely, you can see the amount of minute detail put into the poker table in spite of its simple appearance. There isn’t a lot of animation, but it actually works well for this type of game.

I Luv Suits gameplay (Rating of 4/5)

This slot machine checks a lot of boxes for its gameplay. It’s unique, it involves the player in each step of the process, and wins are highlighted to make it easy to understand. Our only criticism of the gameplay is the speed. Everything takes a decent amount of time to happen, and there are no options to hurry it along.

Overall rating for I Luv Suits by SG Digital (Rating of 3.7/5)

The thematic imagery and involved gameplay more than make up for the lack of bonuses and jackpots, earning SG Digital’s I Luv Suits an above-average score of 3.7/5. We would raise this game’s rating in exchange for faster play, actual bonus events, and a higher jackpot payout.

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