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Potion Payday Slot Game

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Potion Payday Slot Game
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Potion Payday is a slot from High 5 Games. The theme matches the title — all of the symbols are either potion ingredients or runes. The background of the game consists of what looks like a wizard’s tower, and it includes such things as an owl, a cauldron, and many spell books.

This game functions differently from typical slot games. Potion Payday has 7×7 reels, and the symbols will combine with one another when four are adjacent. If the machine creates a fourth-tier symbol, this will replace all non-combined symbols with new symbols and will only stop when the machine can combine no more fourth-tier symbols. You can play this game as a demo before you sign up to play with real money. The demo version of the game gives you 100,000 free credits to try it, but you can’t win real money doing so.

What makes Potion Payday great?

The three features that set this game apart are its free spin bonus, its combining features, and the visuals.

  • Combining: The combining feature in this game is one of its core mechanics, creating a new and fun way to play slots. When you spin the reels, four of the same adjacent symbols will combine and add one more icon to the symbol. The fourth tier of combining creates a big symbol instead of four small symbols. The game will keep replacing the rest of the uncombined symbols on the reels until it creates no more fourth-tier symbols. Once this happens, the game will pay out the rewards for the spin. The symbols that appear on the reels can be the first, second, or third tier of symbols, but not the fourth.
  • Free spin bonus: The free spin bonus in this game allows you to win rewards more easily in any given spin. At the start of every free spin, between one and three matching fourth-tier symbols appear randomly on the reels. The free spin bonus activates when you get three or four of the free spin symbols on the board. These symbols can only appear on the four corners of the reels. Three symbols will get you eight free spins, and four symbols give you 30 free spins.
  • Visuals: The background as well as the symbols in this game add to Potion Payday’s appeal and lead to a more entertaining experience. The symbols are all related to the theme of potions and magic. The background is the inside of a colorful wizard’s tower with spell books, brewing potions, an owl, and a telescope. The symbols are a mushroom, a leaf, a red flower, and a cat’s eye, as well as many multicolored runes. The fourth tier for ingredients is potions, and the fourth tier for runes is a big rune.

How could Potion Payday be better?

Potion Payday could be improved by adding quicker gameplay, as well as implementing a jackpot feature.

  • Faster gameplay: The gameplay in Potion Payday is a bit slow, as it can take many reshuffles to complete the spin. This is because the spins only stop when you stop getting fourth-tier symbols. This can make one spin very long, and some people may not have the patience for playing a slot that takes longer to spin. However, the upside is that the longer the spin, the more rewards you can get.
  • Jackpot: Potion Payday does not have any sort of jackpot, which is a staple of slots. Jackpots give you something to look forward to, and a lack of jackpots hurts the game’s rating.

Potion Payday slot specs

NamePotion Payday
SoftwareHigh 5 Games
Return to Player Rate96%
Min/Max Bet20 credits/40,000 credits
Number of PaylinesNo paylines
Max Payout1,035x the bet
Max Free Spins30
Bonus FeaturesFree spins, combining symbols
ThemePotions and magic

Free and Real Money High 5 Slots

How to play Potion Payday online

You can set the betting options by clicking the left and right arrows near the betting options. The left decreases the bet, and the right increases it. The maximum bet in this game is 40,000 credits, and the minimum is 20 credits. This range allows the slot to work for a variety of players, whether they play high-risk or low-risk.

You can play this game as a free slots demo online, which will provide you with 100,000 demo credits. If you run out, you can refresh the page to get more free games. You can also play for real money by signing up at one of the reputable online casinos that offer this game and making a deposit, providing you’re in a state where online casino gambling is legal.

Bonus rounds and jackpots: 2/5

Potion Payday’s options here are below average. There aren’t any jackpots in this game. There is, however, a free spin bonus. This feature allows you to get a guaranteed payout for each of the spins, since you get between one and three fourth-tier symbols at the start of each spin.

Graphics and visuals: 4/5

The visuals in this game work well, and they match the theme. The symbols consist of potion ingredients, runes of all colors, potions, and cauldrons. Whenever a symbol is part of a win, the symbols become animated and move around slightly. The background of the game is a wizard’s tower with spell books, potions, owls, and telescopes, adding to the game and making for a better experience.

Gameplay for Potion Payday: 3.5/5

The gameplay is great, as it has new features that most slots don’t. The main gameplay feature is the combining, which brings together adjacent symbols and replaces the regular left-to-right paylines that most slots have. This gameplay creates the potential for large rewards since the game keeps replacing the symbols until you do not get a fourth-tier symbol during a replacement. The gameplay is fun and fresh and includes interesting mechanics.

Overall rating for High 5 Gaming’s Potion Payday: 3/5

Potion Payday is a good game overall. The lack of a jackpot is a downside, but the game does have free spins. The graphics and visuals are great, and the symbols become animated when they are part of a win. The gameplay is also solid, as it features a new and distinct style of playing that adds a lot. Overall, Potion Payday is a good slot. Other than a jackpot, it could also potentially do with speeding up the gameplay a bit.

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