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Unlike most other states, there is no long-winded story about the history of gambling in Alaska, mostly because there is little to none. The Last Frontier has a very strong conservative grip on gaming and some of the strictest anti-gambling regulations in the US. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like those rules will be changing anytime soon.

Residents are fortunate to have charitable gaming such as bingo and pull-tab games, but all other traditional forms of gaming like poker, slot machines and table games are banned. Additionally, Native American tribes are not allowed to operate gaming halls much as others do across the country.

A glimmer of hope did arrive earlier in 2020 with a pair of bills looking to create a state lottery that would then introduce sports betting in Alaska. However, all momentum stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. For now, both bills remain tabled, and discussions remain on hold.


Best Alaska Online Gaming Sites

Alaska Online Casino

Chumba Casino: Best Alaska Online Casino 

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Chumba Casino is the go-to, and only real option for Alaska players who want online games. The unique sweepstakes model lets people join from all over the US!

Alaska Online Poker

Global Poker: Best Alaska Online Poker 

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Play at Global Poker, our favorite online poker site for Alaska players

Global Poker is a trustworthy poker site for Alaska players. The sweepstakes model allows everyone to play for unlimited amounts of time.


Alaska Online Betting

DraftKings: Best DFS Site 

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Play soon at DraftKings, our favorite DFS site for Alaska players

DraftKings is a marquee site across the US and available for players in Alaska. With sites like DraftKings and FanDuel, players can join massive contests every week and play for real money.

Latest updates

Updated: May 21, 2020

Two bills were introduced this year, SB 199 and HB 246, each designed to introduce an Alaska state lottery. Sports betting would be one of the gambling options made available by the lottery, according to language in each bill. For now, all momentum has come to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Is Online Gambling Legal In Alaska? • FAQ

Alaska Online Casino FAQ

Can I play slots online in Alaska?

No. Online games like slot machines are banned in Alaska.

What are the chances that we get full-fledged Alaska online casinos?

Right now, those chances are slim to none. The state has very strict anti-gambling rules that don’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

I heard that New Jersey has legal online casinos. Can I play at those from Alaska?

You cannot. Most states use geolocation that only allows people within state borders to play those types of games.

I see casinos accepting Alaska players when I Google the topic. Should I trust them?

It’s a bad bet to do so. When you play on an unregulated offshore site, you run the risk of losing all your money. Should anything happen to your funds, there are no protections in place to get them back.

Alaska Online Sports Betting FAQ

I thought the Supreme Court made sports betting legal. So why can’t I bet on sports in Alaska yet?

When the Supreme Court dismissed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act as unconstitutional in 2018, it merely gave individual states the choice to decide if they want to legalize sports betting.

When will Alaska legalize sports betting?

That is up to Alaska state legislators. Two bills were recently introduced that would create a state lottery and legalize sports betting; however, due to the pandemic, all discussions have stopped for the time being.

Should I just bet with one of these online sportsbooks I see all of the time?

Much like with online casinos, it wouldn’t be safe. There are no consumer protections in place to get your money back if it were to all of a sudden go missing.

Can I play fantasy sports for real money in Alaska?

Yes! Alaska offers its residents the chance to play DFS games from a number of sites, including DraftKings and FanDuel.

What gambling is legal in Alaska?

Unfortunately, this list is very short. The only legal form of gambling in Alaska is charitable gambling like electronic bingo. Most of these are run by Native American tribes or charitable organizations, but there are very few of them.

Residents can also play daily fantasy sports, although it walks the line on if it is considered gambling. But regardless, sites like DraftKings and FanDuel are available in the state.

All traditional forms of gaming are illegal in Alaska.

Banned forms of gambling:

  • Casino games
  • Online casino games
  • Poker
  • Online poker
  • Sports betting
  • Online sports betting
  • Slot machines
  • Online slot machines

Alaska Online Gambling Directory

Alaska Online Casinos

Alaska has extremely tough anti-gambling restrictions. The only safe option for players is Chumba Casino. The sweepstakes model means it’s not a full-blown gambling site, but it still allows players to win real money.


Alaska Online Poker Sites

Much like online casinos, poker also falls under the banned list of games. Players in Alaska can head to Global Poker for multiple options to play. The dual currency system lets players purchase gold coins and also receive sweeps cash.

Players then use either currency to play and can exchange sweeps cash for real dollars.

Alaska Online Lottery

There is no online lottery available in Alaska.

Alaska Fantasy Sports Sites

Players can enjoy a number of fantasy sports sites in Alaska.

Available sites include:

Players compete in skill-based contests for real money. With 24-hour action, there is no shortage of fantasy sports to choose from.

Alaska Online Horse Betting

Alaska is one of the few states where online horse betting is prohibited.

In the event racing does become legal one day, the three best sites are:

  • TVG
  • BetAmerica
  • Twin Spires

All three are reliable and trusted operators. Each has sign-up and first deposit promotions to sweeten your early activities onsite.

Alaska Online Sports Betting

Early discussions on sports betting made their way to Alaska this year in the form of SB 199 and HB 246. The bills called for the creation of a state lottery that would offer sports betting as one of several gaming options. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all discussions have been tabled for the time being.

Much like the list of gambling options, the list of places to play is even shorter. The largest state in the US only has eight bingo halls. Most of these are spread out across the state, with the largest, MIC Gaming Hall, having 90 electronic bingo machines.

During cruise season, some residents do take the opportunity to hop aboard a ship and gamble in international waters.

The history and availability of gambling in the state may be short. But with the introduction of bills in 2020, some are beginning to see how things have changed all over the US. Perhaps a state lottery and sports betting could bring a little spark to the Last Frontier.

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