Guide to Hawaii Online Gambling

When people imagine Hawaii, it’s mostly sunny beaches, crystal blue waters, great food and large resorts.

However, one thing not associated with the Aloha State is gambling. Why? Because across its eight major islands, there is not a single casino, bingo hall, racetrack or card room. Hawaii is one of two states, the other being Utah, with an outright ban on all forms of gambling.

The state does not have a single gambling option, including daily fantasy sports, available to residents, or the flock of tourists who travel from the mainland.


Best Hawaii Online Gaming Sites

Hawaii Online Casino

Chumba Casino: Best Hawaii Online Casino 

  • No deposit required.
  • Tons of slot game options.
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  • Free sweeps coins.

Our favorite online casino site for players in HI is Chumba

Chumba Casino is the only real option for Hawaii players who want online games. People can join from all over the US and play for free using the unique sweepstakes model!

Hawaii Online Poker

Global Poker: Best Hawaii Online Poker 

  • Easy deposits.
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  • Multiple buy-in levels.
  • Tourneys and cash games available.

Play at Global Poker, our favorite online poker site for players in Hawaii

A trustworthy site for Hawaii players is Global Poker. The sweepstakes model allows everyone in the US to play for unlimited amounts of time.



Hawaii Online Betting

DraftKings: Best DFS Site 

  • Free $20 to start.
  • Largest daily fantasy sports site.
  • Tons of deposit options.

DraftKings is one site Hawaiian residents could play at soon

Unfortunately, DraftKings is not available in Hawaii, nor are any other DFS sites.

Latest updates

Updated: June 2, 2020

There has been little to no discussion about gambling legislation in Hawaii as of late. However, a pair of Senate bills were introduced in January that aimed to legalize gambling in the state. Both bills, SB 850 and SB 2669, would create a state lottery and gaming corporation to oversee the industry.

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Is Online Gambling Legal In Hawaii? • FAQ

Hawaii Online Casino FAQ

Can I play slots online in Hawaii?

Online games like slot machines are banned in Hawaii.

What are the chances that we get full-fledged Hawaii online casinos?

The chances are very slim. While there have been talks, they have been simply that, talks. Hawaii has very strict anti-gambling rules that don’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

I heard that New Jersey has legal online casinos. Can I play at those from Hawaii?

No. States use geolocation that only allows people located in that particular state to play those types of games. So only people located in New Jersey can play legal online casinos in that state.

I see casinos accepting Hawaii players when I Google the topic. Should I trust them?

You should not. Unregulated offshore sites offer no consumer protections. You run the risk of losing all your money. If anything happens to your funds, there are no protections in place to get them back.

Hawaii Online Sports Betting FAQ

I thought the Supreme Court made sports betting legal. So why can’t I bet on sports in Hawaii yet?

The Supreme Court ruled the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was unconstitutional in 2018. The ruling gave individual states the choice to decide if they want to legalize sports betting. As of now, lawmakers in Hawaii have not decided to push forward with legalization.

When will Hawaii legalize sports betting?

That is up to Hawaii lawmakers. Two bills have been introduced that would establish a state lottery and gaming corporation; however, momentum has stalled. It’s not likely Hawaii sports betting will happen anytime soon.

Should I just bet with one of these online sportsbooks I see all of the time?

Much like with online casinos, and online poker sites, it wouldn’t be safe. There are no consumer protections in place to get your money back if it were to all of a sudden go missing.

Can I play fantasy sports for real money in Alaska?

No. Hawaii does not allow DFS sites to operate in the state.

What gambling is legal in Hawaii?

Unfortunately, none. Hawaii and Utah are the only states with a complete ban on any and all forms of gambling. Even charitable gambling like electronic bingo is prohibited.

Banned forms of gambling:

  • Casino games
  • Online casino games
  • Poker
  • Online poker
  • Sports betting
  • Online sports betting
  • Slot machines
  • Online slot machines

Hawaii Online Gambling Directory

Hawaii Online Casinos

The only safe option for players in Hawaii is Chumba Casino. The sweepstakes model allows players to win real money and does not function as a full-blown gambling site.

Hawaii Online Poker Sites

Online poker also falls under the list of banned games. But players across Hawaii’s islands can head to Global Poker to play. The dual currency system lets players purchase gold coins and also receive $weeps cash.

Players then use either currency to play. They can also exchange $weeps cash, and only $weeps cash, for real dollars.

Hawaii Online Lottery

There is no online lottery available in Hawaii.

Hawaii Fantasy Sports Sites

There are no DFS sites available in Hawaii.

Hawaii Online Horse Betting

Horse betting in Hawaii is prohibited.

Hawaii Online Sports Betting

While sports betting has been a topic of discussion across the US, in Hawaii, the state is still trying to get simple forms of gambling like a state lottery. For now, there is no timeline as to when, if ever, sports wagering will arrive in Hawaii.


Being the tourist destination that it is, it’s surprising gambling does not have more of a presence in Hawaii. But unfortunately, for those looking to sit by crystal blue water, indulge in local food and play a few slot machines, that is not the case. Along with Utah, Hawaii does not allow any gambling.

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