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Online Casino Terms And Conditions, Explained

Terms and Conditions for online casino bonuses can be complicated and confusing. Luckily, we can help you out with the confusion and shed some light on the most common terms and conditions attached to promotions at online casinos.

On this page, we’ll cover all the need-to-know details such as the types of terms & conditions associated with bonuses at an online casino: playthrough requirements, game contribution, time limits, and more.  We’ll also discuss opting in, rates and how to calculate the value of your bonus so you can meet the terms & conditions.

1. Playthrough requirements

Playthrough requirements are commonly attached to online casino bonuses. They’re important because they stipulate how much you need to bet before your bonus credit becomes withdrawable. A lower playthrough or wagering requirement means the bonus is generally easier to claim than a higher requirement.

Example A

One example of a solid playthrough requirement is 1x. Say you get a $100 second chance bonus with a 1x requirement. Once you bet $100 using your credits, you’ll meet the requirement. From there, you can withdraw.

Example B

What does a higher playthrough requirement look like, then? If you receive a $100 online casino bonus with a 10x requirement, you must wager $1,000 (100 times 10) to clear the bonus for withdrawal.

Also, note that some casinos attach your playthrough requirement to just the bonus, while others attach it to both your bonus and your initial deposit. Read the terms carefully.

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Check the playthrough requirement before you claim a bonus. This can help you determine how much to deposit or wager and make claiming the bonus much easier.

2. Game contribution

Game contribution rates are a crucial element of bonuses, and it’s especially important for players to understand them. Any game you play will typically contribute to your bonus at a specific rate.

Slots are generally the best option for the player, but see below for specifics.

100% game contribution

Slots are typically the best option to clear a bonus. That’s because they contribute the full amount to the playthrough requirements, which is not the case with table games. There is rarely a case where there is a better way to clear a bonus than by playing slots.

online slots icon

20% game contribution (approximate)

Table games such as blackjack, online roulette and live dealer games typically count around 20% toward playthrough requirements, though this can vary by casino.

Once you clear your bonus, it would be wiser to play these games, but it is not the most efficient way to meet the playthrough requirement.

blackjack icon

0% game contribution

Other games such as craps and baccarat typically don’t count at all toward meeting playthrough requirements. Again, a better strategy is to use your bonus money on slots before expanding into other games once your bonus is cleared.

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3. Time limits

Most online casinos impose strict deadlines on bonuses. They come in two formats: a deadline to claim the bonus and a deadline to meet the playthrough requirement.

Typically, online casinos give you at least a week to claim your bonus and then another week to meet your playthrough requirement. However, these timelines can vary. Some sites might give you as long as 30 days to complete a wagering requirement.

Opting in

You might think signing up, plugging in a promo code (if applicable), and making a deposit is all you need to do to claim a bonus. In some cases, that’s true. In other cases, online casinos will require you to opt in. You can do so from the promotions page, and we strongly recommend doing so before you make a deposit.

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Check the promotions page immediately after sign-up to see whether you need to opt-in for your desired bonus.

4. Restrictions

Bonuses may come with specific restrictions, such as limitations on professional players, bet size, and eligible games.

Many online casinos will limit or outright prohibit professional players from claiming bonuses. They may instead offer exclusive VIP promos to such players.

Bet size is another area where restrictions might surface. Bonuses may limit you to a certain maximum bet. Free spins, for example, often allow you to use the spins for the lowest possible denomination on eligible games.

Finally, some casinos limit the games that are eligible for play with bonuses. This is especially common with free spins.

5. Minimum deposits/withdrawal limits

Most casinos require a minimum deposit amount whether you’re claiming a bonus or not, and the number usually ranges from $5 to $10.

On the flip side, some casinos have withdrawal limits and it can depend on the payment method you’re trying to use. These can be $5,000-$10,000 on the low end of $100,000 on the high end. Or, some may not have them at all.

What to do if you have an issue

Legal online casinos have customer support teams dedicated to helping users resolve any issues that arise. If a term/condition doesn’t make sense, here is what you can do.

  • Contact the casino’s customer service team. Live chat is the most popular method, though emails and phone calls may also be available. It would be ideal to do this before you deposit money, but they are available at any point in the player journey.
  • Opt out of a bonus. You can stop using a bonus at any point after you claim it. Of course, you won’t see the potential value, but you’ll be free to use the casino how you choose without game contribution/time limits.


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Social media is another effective way to reach casino customer support. Many have dedicated accounts just for customer support.

Why you should know the casino terms and conditions

It’s important for any new player joining an online casino to understand the terms and conditions, as it can greatly influence your experience. Here are some reasons to take the time to learn them.

  • You’ll know what the bonus playthrough requirements are so that you’ll have to option to withdraw funds
  • You’ll know what games count toward bonus contribution
  • You’ll know how much time you have to clear a bonus
  • Bonuses aside, you will be well-informed when signing up for an online casino

How terms and conditions impact bonus value

When you combine all of the terms and conditions we discuss on this page—playthrough requirements, game contributions, etc.—bonuses have an expected value. We have a hand bonus value calculator built into this page to help you determine the expected value of your deposit bonus or no deposit bonus.

Wagering Calculator

  • Results

    • Free Bonus Money:
    • Total Play Money:
    • Amount You Need to Bet:
    • Amount You Need to Bet:

Terms and conditions tips

Online casinos should always be rigorously tested and reviewed for legitimacy. At PlayUSA, we only recommend legal and licensed operators.

Here are some steps you should take to be as well-informed as possible when signing up for an online casino.

Read the terms and conditions

All trustworthy online casino bonuses will have lengthy terms and conditions, laying out exactly what the offer is and how you can claim it. They will pop up during the sign up process. 

Check your state regulator’s licensing list

Only sign up for casinos that are authorized by an official governing body for your market, such as Michigan’s Gaming Control Board or New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Be strategic about how to clear a bonus

Slots are typically the best way to clear a bonus, if applicable. Table games typically either don’t count toward the requirements or have a lower game contribution percentage.

Use your judgment

 If a casino or a bonus offer appears too good to be true, it might be from an unauthorized casino.

If you can’t withdraw your bonus, chances are you have yet to meet the playthrough requirement. You must meet it before you’re able to withdraw any bonus credits.

The only way a legal online casino can refuse to pay you out is if you’ve claimed a bonus and haven’t met the terms and conditions you agreed to before signing up, such as playthrough requirements, game contribution, etc. 

Yes. Each state has a governing agency that regulates online casinos, and their mission is to ensure fair and safe play for its residents. 

A handful of online casinos offer free welcome bonuses. Bally Casino and Virgin Casino are among them. Offers rotate regularly, so check back with your top sites to see if they have new promotions.

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