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All That Cash

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All That Cash
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High 5 Games is no stranger to making creative, original titles, and All That Cash is one such game. While it uses a traditional 5×3 reel format, it delivers a unique style of gameplay. Instead of combinations occurring through matching symbols, wins occur when a special symbol on the first reel matches up with any combination of numbers on the positions to the right. This distinctive gameplay system brings plenty of excitement and suspense, and it’s the foundation of the experience on display here.

What makes All That Cash slot great

As such a distinctive game, All That Cash has enough substance to stand out from the pack.

  • Unique gameplay style: Add up numbers on the reels and multiply them by your bet for dynamic, unpredictable wins.
  • Great jackpot: Win 10,000x your bet per row in a single game.
  • Easy to play: All That Cash uses a unique gameplay style but is still easy to play and understand.

How All That Cash slot could improve

All That Cash is an entertaining game, but it would have been great if the developer addressed a few shortcomings.

  • More visual variety: All That Cash looks cool at first, but it quickly becomes visually repetitive.
  • New bonus features: There’s no bonus feature in this game besides its jackpot, and this is a major drawback.
  • Greater gameplay options: Letting players choose their rows and introducing more rows could have injected some needed variety into the game.

All That Cash specs

NameAll That Cash
SoftwareHigh 5 Games
RTP %0.96
VolatilityMedium to High
Min / Max Bet$0.30 - $150
Max Payout10,000x
Bonus FeaturesJackpot

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How to play All That Cash slot online

At first glance, you might suspect that All That Cash is just another 5×3 slot. While it does use a 5×3 set of reels, it doesn’t have paylines, combinations, or anything like that. Instead, the first reel has a symbol that denotes wins, while the next four reels each drop numbers. If the winning symbol lands on the first reel, then it adds up all the numbers in the spaces to its right and multiplies them by the bet per row. Since there are three rows, that means you add up the individual numbers and multiply them by one-third of your bet to get the win.

While it sounds a bit complicated, it’s actually easy to come to grips with once you’ve started playing. Nonetheless, you may want to try the free slots version with us first to get familiar with how it works. You can simply reload the demo version on this page if you run out of credit to top back up and keep on playing. If you decide you’d like to play slots for real money, try the slot at FanDuel Casino or Stars Casino. Most new online casinos offer some sort of promotional bonus offer. Check the list below for more details on casino bonuses.

Bonus and jackpots for All That Cash (Rating of 1/5)

All That Cash has one single bonus feature, a jackpot symbol that can land on reel one. It awards 10,000 the bet per row, or 3,333x your total bet. Besides this, the base gameplay is all you have. While it’s an impressive jackpot, there’s a lack of interactive features or anything to carry the game besides novelty.

All That Cash graphics and visuals (Rating of 3/5)

The interesting visual look of All That Cash resembles a digital combination lock. You almost feel like you’re hacking a console and getting at the money within the system. However, the drawback of its style is that the game feels a bit sterile. The only symbols in the game are numbers, and while the slot looks good from a technical perspective, it’s just not as interesting.

All That Cash gameplay (Rating of 4/5)

All That Cash offers a fresh style of gameplay that’s different from most other slots on the market. As such, you’re sure to enjoy it at first based on novelty and originality. Furthermore, the solid RTP of 96% and clear explanation for how the game works play to its strength. While there’s not necessarily much staying power, the core gameplay is certainly sound.

Overall rating for All That Cash by High 5 Games (Rating of 2/5)

There’s some entertainment value that All That Cash provides, but it can run out quickly, as the game becomes repetitive with the lack of visual or gameplay variety. The foundation of a great game is there, but High 5 Games should have done more with the concept. Maybe leaning more heavily into a digital/hacking theme or creating bonus symbols to accompany the numbers. We recommend trying out All That Cash, but overall, it earns a 2/5 from us.


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