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Green Machine Deluxe Slot Game

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Green Machine Deluxe Slot Game
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There’s something really interesting about taking a game down to its most basic elements. The Green Machine Deluxe slot game is possibly one of the purest forms of a slot machine.

High 5‘s deluxe version takes away all of the little distractions used in other real money slots to create a machine that is perfect for beginners and experienced players looking to get back to basics. Let’s see if this little Green Machine prints money or just burns through it.

The Green Machine Deluxe doesn’t hide what it’s trying to be. Every aspect of the design is focused on being simple and exciting. The game uses a standard green gaming table background for the normal spins.

It upgrades into a bright golden background for the bonus round. The white reels stand out well against both backgrounds, and it’s easy to see winning symbols thanks to the highly-detailed and artistic frames around the spaces that make them look like dollar bill centerpieces. The main symbols are very basic.

The game just uses green dollar amounts noting what the symbol is worth. The only other symbols are the gold bars in the jackpot spaces and the gold free spin tiles.

While most of the design is simple, there are a few nice additional touches. Any winning number that appears on the reels lifts and flips in place while sparkles fly.

The animated transition to the bonus game is very well done too. Having clouds of cash fly at the player during a big win isn’t particularly original, but it really fits the theme.

The sound design is one of the only disappointing parts. The game uses a fairly basic electronic background song during normal spins along with standard chimes and bells to announce wins. It gets more intense for the bonus round, which is nice, but a few extra sound effects for variety would have been appreciated.

The Gameplay

The Green Machine Deluxe is possibly one of the easiest slot machines to understand. It uses 5 reels and has 3 rows. It does not use any paylines. Players simply bet by the reel, although the game forces players to always pay for all 5 reels. Players have to bet 1 credit for each reel, and betting more than that multiplies the payouts by the bet.

There are no wilds or any special features in the main game. The entire game operates off of scatter rules for payouts.

As the game itself says, “What you see is what you get.

If a dollar amount appears in one of the 15 spaces, then the player wins that amount. Players can see dollar values ranging from $1 to $1000 for each space.

Blank spaces are worth nothing, and a completely blank set of reels is a hard loss. After each spin, the dollar amounts showing are counted up and paid.

The only twist is that there is a jackpot system that is only available during normal spins. Each reel can have a gold bar symbol land on it and trigger that reel’s jackpot. It starts with a 20x the total bet Mini Jackpot on reel 1.

Moving across the reels, the jackpot grows to 40x, 200x, 400x and finally 1000x the total bet for getting the Grand Jackpot in the 5th reel. The jackpot simply triggers off of a single symbol appearing. No other matches or setups are needed.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this is a very wild and volatile game. There’s potentially a lot of money on the line with each spin, and the losses really hurt. There are plenty of small wins available to ease the pain, but the game naturally swings between losing streaks and big payouts. The entire game can start to turn around when a $50 or $100 symbol pops up, not to mention the chance for one of the big jackpots. The free spin bonus game can be a big help too.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

Continuing the theme, players can trigger free slots games by getting a free spins symbol anywhere on the reels during a normal spin. There are free spin symbols that award 1, 3 and 5 free spins. If players get more than one on the same spin they stack for the bonus round. The free spins use the same bet multiplier that triggered them.

The only special twist in the bonus round is that it is possible to get more free spins. All 3 of the free spin symbols are still in play, and getting one on a free spin just adds to the counter.

Once all of the free spins have run through, the total winnings are counted and paid. While there are no guarantees of a good payout, it’s hard to beat a set of free spins for helping beef up a bankroll.


The Green Machine Deluxe is a great game with a specific audience in mind. Players who are tired of big bonus rounds or complicated systems should love a short session of pure slots. People who haven’t played a lot of slot machines should also enjoy the simplicity.

The only real negative is that the RTP sits at 95%, which is a little disappointing because usually players can expect some fun bonuses to justify a slight premium. The chance for a big jackpot takes some of the sting away though.

Obviously, anyone who likes special features, surprises and mini-games probably won’t want to play it for long, but it’s still really fun to do a few high stakes spins on the old Green Machine.

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