Super Bowl Prop Bets 2022

Sportsbooks go all out for Super Bowl props. You’ll find hundreds to bet on at multiple sportsbooks on (and before) game day. That includes all of the standard props you can find week-to-week in the NFL — TDs, rushing yards, passing yards, etc.

But you’ll also find dozens you’ve likely never thought of, from the winner of the coin toss to the length of the halftime show to what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning head coach (although access to off-field props might depend on which state you bet in).

Some books even offer up cross-sports bets, like total QB passing attempts versus points, rebounds, and assists for LeBron James that day. In short: Super Bowl prop betting is a world in and of itself. Here’s how to get the most out of it at legal US online betting sites.

Best Super Bowl prop betting sites

There are plenty of options for online Super Bowl prop betting, but some sites just have more to offer than others. Each of these online sportsbooks take Super Bowl props up a notch with some imaginative and exclusive props.

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Super Bowl Prop Odds

Check the feed below for live prop odds for the Super Bowl. Use the search bar to find props for either team or any player. Click on any odds to claim your bonus and get started. Use the drop-down menu to find odds in your state.

How to bet on Super Bowl props

To jump in with Super Bowl prop betting, you’ll need an account with a legal and regulated US betting site. If you already have an account, head right to our best Super Bowl props compare what’s on offer.

draftkings live betting appIf you don’t have an account, you can follow this simple process to get started:

  1. Click through on our exclusive links to create an account in your legal betting state. This will get you to the best available sign-up bonus for each sportsbook.
  2. Register a new account with all of the required information. It’s all simple stuff like name, address, etc.
  3. If the sign-up offer is a free bet, you can use it right away. For a deposit bonus match, you can deposit right away and get your account funded quickly.
  4. Once the sportsbook releases the betting lines for Super Bowl props, you can find them all under the Super Bowl or NFL tab, depending on the sportsbook. Scroll through the available options and zero in on the ones you find most appealing.
  5. After you find a prop you like, click on the odds for your selection. Verify that everything is good on the betting slip, plug in your bet amount, and click submit.

The entire sign-up process takes just a few minutes.

Also, keep in mind that live betting makes it possible to place bets all throughout the game. There will be updated game lines (moneylines, spreads, totals), as well as a ton of in-the-moment props to consider (eg. Will the Chiefs make this first down, Yes or No?). We recommend downloading a sportsbook app like DraftKings to your phone or tablet to take full advantage of Super Bowl live bets.

For the best-of-both-worlds approach, place some props that you like before kickoff and keep some money aside for appealing props that come up throughout the game.

Best Super Bowl props to bet on

The menu for Super Bowl prop betting is incredibly deep. Betting on an NFL game has a wide range of props available but it pales in comparison to what you’ll find for the Super Bowl.

Each year, there are several that capture the imagination of even those that don’t follow football all that much. The Super Bowl is supposed to be a fun event, and sportsbooks aim to make it that way with odds on entertaining wagers such as:

  • How long will it take to sing the national anthem?
  • What will be the result of the coin toss – heads or tails?
  • How many penalty flags will be thrown in the game?
  • What color Gatorade will be used for celebrating by the winning team?

Note: Again, access to off-field Super Bowl props will depend on the legislation in each respective betting state. See our list of US sports betting states & regulations.

Off-Field Props – Bet on the Super Bowl coin toss

2019 Super Bowl betting oddsWhile bets in this category are fun, they’re also quite serious from a betting perspective. That being the case, oddsmakers take great care with the lines for these bets as well. For example, you’ll see something that looks like this for the coin flip bet.

  • Heads -108
  • Tails -112

The odds may start at -110 on both sides, but betting action can lead to the numbers moving. For this fictitious line, you’d have to bet $108 on heads to get $100 back or $112 on tails to see the same return.

On-Field Props

Outside of fun props, there are plenty of others that have to do with the actual game. Many of them are popular year after year. Here are a few that fall into that category.

  • Which player will score the first touchdown in the game?
  • Which QB will have more passing yards – Matt Stafford or Joe Burrow?
  • Will there be a defensive or special teams score in the game – Yes/No?

The same applies to the odds for bets in this group as well. Oddsmakers will release an initial set of numbers, but there may be some movement from there in response to betting action. In advance of the game, the odds for one of the NFL Super Bowl prop bets could look like this.

  • Will there be a defensive or special teams score in the game?
    • Yes +150
    • No -200

At these odds, you’re looking at $150 coming back on a winning $100 wager on the ‘yes’ side. If you bet $200 on ‘no’ and that proves to be the right call, you’ll make $100 in profit.

The most popular props will attract lots of action, but there’s much more to see than just the ones that everyone seems to be talking about. Let’s take a look at some of the other top options.

Super Bowl player props vs. Super Bowl team props

super bowl prop bettingProp bets can be specific to the performance of individual players, while others will revolve around the teams themselves. In both of these categories, there will be lots of different choices to consider. On the player side, here are some examples of what you’ll see.

  • Which player will win the Super Bowl MVP?
  • Who will have more total combined TDs – Matt Stafford or Joe Burrow?
  • How many receiving yards will Copper Kupp have – Over/Under 89.5?

Super Bowl MVP odds will be listed for the majority of players in the game. There will be favorites up top, some real longshots in the bottom, and everyone else in the middle. This is a great spot to focus on due to the wide range of odds that you’ll see. If you nail a dark horse pick, you could be in line for a really good day.

Over on the team side, it’s all about what each side will do during the game. As with the player props, there will be plenty of different bets to comb through, including:

  • Which side will have more rushing yards – Rams or Bengals?
  • Will either team record a safety – Yes/No?
  • How many total TDs will there be in the game – Over/Under 7.5?

One of the great things about prop betting is that there’s a lot of crossover from the world of fantasy sports. If you’ve had success in that neck of the woods, props are a fantastic entry point as you get up to speed with sports betting.

When zeroing in on player props, you’ll consider several of the same factors as you would for fantasy. For example, you can consider the yardage and TD projections available and then use your fantasy sports skills to find the most appealing options.

For team props, it’s about the broader matchup, so those who have succeeded in breaking down games can find some edges here. Even if you’re new to betting, you can still go through a quick checklist and look for the spots in which either team has a notable advantage.

Super Bowl offense vs. defense props

When you’re breaking down the Big Game, you’ll naturally spend some time looking for advantages for both squads on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. The time spent researching can help point you in the right direction for your game pick, and you’ll also be able to use it to your advantage for props.

The general public loves offense, so it should come as no surprise that there will be lots of props revolving around that facet of the game. There will be plenty to consider, including wagers like these.

  • Which side will have the halftime lead – Rams or Bengals?
  • Who will score a rushing TD in the game – Stafford/Burrow/Neither?
  • Which player will have more receptions – Cooper Kupp or Ja’Marr Chase?

The offense may sell the tickets, but there’s also lots to be said for strong defensive play. The stronger defensive squads have a way of making deep runs into the NFL Playoffs. You’ll find lots of props here as well, including:

  • Which side will force the game’s first turnover – Rams or Bengals?
  • Who will have more tackles plus sacks – Aaron Donald or Trey Hendrickson?
  • Will there be an interception returned for a touchdown – Yes/No?

As mentioned, those little nuggets you uncover while breaking down the game can be super helpful here. Once you drill down into the specific offensive and defensive props, you can go even deeper by looking at the tendencies and NFL trends for both sides.

For example, if one side has been generating a lot of sacks throughout the playoffs, they could be in line to force a turnover. If one of the two clubs has been rushing the ball like there’s no tomorrow, there could be some props of that nature that are ripe to be exploited.

Super Bowl announcer/halftime props

We covered some of the fun prop bets earlier, but that’s not it by a longshot. There will be props that revolve around what happens during the broadcast of the game. This includes what the announcers might say, which celebrities might be shown on camera, and what happens during halftime. Here are some examples of these fun Super Bowl prop bets.

  • Will CBS make any gambling references during the game – Yes/No?
  • Will there be any nudity during the halftime show – Yes/No?
  • Which head coach will be shown first during the national anthem?
  • How many total commercials will be run during the game – Over/Under 91.5?
  • How many replay review predictions will the broadcast team get wrong – Over/Under 1.5?

Once again, we have to note that these are not necessarily available in every betting state. And while these are entertainment-style bets, you can still expect the odds to be on point. But don’t be shy about diving in and looking for spots where the oddsmakers may have miscalculated things on their end.

Super Bowl crossover props

While the Super Bowl is the biggest game in town, the rest of the sports world doesn’t go silent. Other games are playing out during the day, and sportsbooks are more than happy to pique the interest of users even further with crossover opportunities.

These are bets from one unrelated contest that are tied together with the Big Game. Offerings will vary by operator, but here are some crossover parlays you might see.

  • Miami Heat and Los Angeles Rams to both win – Yes/No?
  • Jimmy Butler over 25 points plus Matt Stafford to throw for 2+ TDs – Yes/No?
  • Alex Ovechkin to score a goal and Joe Mixon to score a rushing touchdown – Yes/No?

We can also consider these fun bets that’ll keep you engaged all day, but don’t mistake that for these bets being easy to hit. A good approach is to scroll through all of the crossover bets and make note of the ones with other sports you’re most familiar with.

If you’re a huge NBA fan, focus on those props; if you know nothing about the NHL, it’s a good idea to pass. Also, be sure to remember any other interesting tidbits that stuck out to you while researching other props. You can then transfer that knowledge here by focusing on the crossover Super Bowl props you have a great feel for.

Super Bowl party prop sheets/home betting

super bowl bingoSuper Bowl Sunday is a natural spot to get together with family and friends. It certainly doesn’t hurt if all in attendance have a little skin in the game, and there are plenty of ways to make the Super Bowl more fun with betting and drinking games.

Included on the list is your in-house pool for Super Bowl props. You can base it around the actual offerings from sportsbooks, or just create some of your fun ones. For a “best of both worlds” approach, you can make a hybrid of the two.

The prop game you set up can be as detailed or simple as you want it to be. You can include lots of different choices or just a select few. As with all parties, it’s a good idea to know the room and take it from there. For example, a really simple sheet could look like this.

  • Which team will have the lead at halftime?
  • What will be the winning coin flip – heads or tails?
  • Who will rush for more yards?
  • Will the National Anthem take longer than 1:40 – Yes/No?
  • The first TD will be scored by which unit – Offense/Defense/Special Teams?

You can also make one in much more detail with a series of Yes/No questions, or just copy over some of your favorites from your sportsbook of choice. All of the sheets get tallied up in the end and the person who made the most correct calls wins the pot.

Most notable Super Bowl prop bets of all time

Super Bowl prop betting has evolved into one of the biggest attractions at the betting window when the Big Game rolls around. While there may be hundreds of them on the board to choose from, there always seem to be one or two that manage to leave a mark.

The Fridge scores a TD

Back in the day, the Chicago Bears were destroying the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. The blowout game became all the more interesting when William ‘the Refrigerator’ Perry scored a rushing TD. Needless to say, bettors who were on the right side of that prop had quite the story to tell.

‘Philly Special’

In more recent times, the Eagles and Patriots played a memorable Super Bowl LII. One of the turning points of the game was the ‘Philly Special’ when Nick Foles scored a receiving TD. The Super Bowl prop bet odds were pretty high for Foles to find paydirt on his own, but bettors who happened to make the call walked with quite a memory, not to mention some profits.

Elvis is in the building

On the fun side of the equation, there have been memorable props revolving around things like:

  • How many wings the Buffalo Wild Wings chain would sell during the game
  • Whether or not the deceased Elvis Presley would be spotted at the game

Prop betting at the Super Bowl was once just a fun aside for the main event of the game, but it has grown by leaps and bounds through the years. As the legal sports betting industry continues to grow exponentially, we can safely assume that the arrow will continue pointing upward for this awesome way to get involved with the Big Game.

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