The Future Of Gambling In The United States has produced a comprehensive overview of the major issues and key stakeholders involved in seven emerging products that are critical to the future of the gambling industry in the United States.

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Number of states where you can legally place some kind of bet online:


Seven products shaping the future of the gambling industry


Online Gambling

Regulated online gambling has been an economic powerhouse in NJ, generating nearly $100 million in tax revenue since launch. Other states have been slow to adopt largely due to industry fragmentation.

Online Lottery

Several states have adopted online lottery sales, but the practice remains controversial. Lottery agencies see a need to embrace new customers, but powerful forces are resisting that innovation and stalling legislation.


Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) has rewritten the rules for gambling expansion via the legislature. An Uber-like model paired with advocacy from powerful pro sports partners has led to a string of legislative successes, enabling the industry’s survival.

Social Casino

While not gambling in the legal sense, social casinos are often operated by casino companies, and the tie between social and real-money gambling has been rapidly increasing. The industry generates over $4 billion in revenues annually


Online Skill Gambling

Online skill gambling is an emerging model that borrows much of the legal justification pioneered by daily fantasy sports. While emerging, the vertical is interesting for attracting non-traditional gambling players such as GSN into the mix, and is also serving as an entry point for many types of esports betting.

Online Horse Betting

Online horse betting is the most widely-available form of online gambling in the United States. Increasingly, operators are looking for ways to piggyback additional ways to gambling on top of traditional horse betting in an attempt to gain new customers.


Sports Betting

Sports betting represents one of the last great frontiers of regulated gambling in the United States. Effectively, a national expansion of regulated sports betting would immediately reshape the landscape for commercial gambling.


Number of states currently considering bills to expand online casino, DFS, or online lottery:


A complex web of stakeholder positions

Real-Money Online Casino & PokerCommercial CasinosMixed - Lean Oppose
Tribal CasinosLean Oppose
State GovernmentsOppose
Gambling SuppliersLean Support
State LotteriesNeutral - Lean Oppose
Race TracksLean Support
Federal GovernmentNeutral - Lean Oppose
Online LotteryGambling SuppliersSupport
Lottery CommissionsLean Support
State GovernmentsLean Oppose
Daily Fantasy SportsState GovernmentsSupport
Sports Leagues/TeamsSupport
Commercial CasinosNeutral - Lean Support
Tribal CasinosOppose
Race TracksNeutral - Lean Oppose
State LotteriesNeutral
Sports BettingCommercial CasinosLean Support
Tribal CasinosUnclear - Lean Oppose
Gambling SuppliersSupport
Sports Leagues/TeamsMixed - Lean Oppose
State GovernmentsNeutral
Global Gaming IndustrySupport

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2017 US Online Gambling Landscape
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